Strike action will be taking place from 7am Saturday 24 February 2024 to Thursday 28 February 2024. Please continue to attend your appointments unless you are contacted and told otherwise.

The strike action may mean our A&E is a lot busier than usual, which means the waiting times will be longer. If you need help which is not life threatening, please use 111, Pharmacies, GPs or Urgent Treatment Centres. Thank you for your understanding during this period.

Our National Staff Survey 2018 results

National Staff Survey

We have a really clear vision for NUH, and this includes our staff having an outstanding experience and NUH being a great place to work.

There are lots of ways we measure how our staff feel about working here, and the National Staff Survey (which is once a year) is a really important barometer.

Over 5,000 members of Team NUH filled in the latest National Staff Survey and our results have now been published by NHS England.

Where we’ve seen improvements

In last year’s survey our staff told us that they needed more support from managers with work and development and that more needed to be done to ensure all staff are treated fairly, including equal access to progress for our Black And Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues. 

To address this feedback we have worked to refresh our values, launched our leadership programme, revamped our appraisal process and taken some positive action in recruitment of BAME colleagues. We're also rolling out a Trust-wide Culture and Leadership programme, to create the right culture for Team NUH.

Where we can improve

  • The provision of car parking, and wait times for a permit - while this is something we would love to solve to improve the experience of our patients and staff, there is no quick fix. We're exploring what we can do that will make things better, including the prospect of a staff permit review later in the year
  • The quality of our estate
  • Workload and staffing pressures
  • Development support from management, and a positive and supportive NUH culture
  • Recognising the contribution of our staff
  • Ensuring that staff feedback drives positive change

We’ve heard your feedback, and now it’s time to act 

We're absolutely committed to making changes that will positively impact on our staff experience. 

As last year, we’ve identified a ‘top four’ list, which we will use as a benchmark to measure how we’ve responded to our Staff Survey feedback in 2019. These four areas below reflect those where staff feel most strongly that we need to make changes.  

  • Reviewing our current expectation of roles and simplifying systems and processes - enabling roles to be manageable

  • Reviewing the Wellbeing and Attendance Management Policy

  • Continuation of the Enabling our Change programme and other specific development e.g. Heads of Service Development, the Admin Academy and the work of the Institute of Nursing & Midwifery Excellence

  • Further strengthening our approach to valuing, rewarding and recognising our staff

Our Divisional Teams are reviewing their own results and developing specific actions plans in response to more local feedback to make positive changes for staff.

We will soon be embarking on the NHS Improvement Culture and Leadership programme which will enable us to bring our refreshed values to life across the organisation.