How Research & Innovation is organised

How we organise our research

Clinical research is part of the care that we provide to patients at NUH.

The Research & Innovation department provides the skilled staff, expertise, facilities and quality assurance to set up, manage, deliver and share research across our hospitals.

Our research teams work alongside the teams in each service to co-ordinate clinical research trials alongside the care that you and your family are receiving.

Taking part in research is your choice and it will not affect the care you receive if you decide not to take part in a trial, or if there are no trials suitable for you.

Research in every service

Our research is organised across the six clinical divisions at NUH, with senior healthcare professionals leading the development of research in each one.

You can find more information about the research that is happening in each service area on these pages:

Clinical Academic Leadership

To support all healthcare professionals at NUH to get involved in research, we have a team of experienced clinical acdademics - healthcare professionals working in the NHS who combine teaching, research and caring for patients as part of their role. Their work is crucial in developing the next generation of researchers. They also help to ensure that the improvements in our knowledge about diseases, and the development of new treatments and care from research breakthroughs, is adopted by every healthcare professional working at NUH.

  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Healthcare Scientists
  • Nurses & Midwives
  • Medics