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The COACH trial (COmpAring Cochlear implants with Hearing aids in adults with severe hearing loss) is breaking new ground. This research, supported by the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, is investigating whether cochlear implants or hearing aids work better for patients in a target group.

The target group of patients in this research are adults with severe hearing loss who do not meet the NHS criteria for a cochlear implant but who are close to meeting those criteria. Audiologists at Nottingham University Hospitals and eight other hospitals are supporting this study. More information on the trial is available here.

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Audiologists at NUH are supporting the TICIT Study. This looks at whether patients living with tinnitus experience meaningful changes after receiving cochlear implantation.

The TICIT (Tinnitus and Cochlear Implants) Study is recruiting patients to find out whether cochlear implants could improve tinnitus in people who receive these devices.

Around 10-13% of the population have persistent tinnitus - where people hear sounds in their heads or ears with no outside source. It is prevalent among those who suffer from severe to profound hearing loss, and can have a negative impact on people’s emotional and physical health and well-being.


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