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ELSA: early screening of children for Type 1 diabetes

The ELSA Study aims to recruit 20,000 children aged between three and 13 years old from around the UK to screen for early signs of Type 1 diabetes.

ELSA involves performing a finger prick blood test to screen children for antibodies. These antibodies – which are protein markers in the blood – signal the risk of type 1 diabetes.

People with type 1 diabetes cannot produce enough of a hormone called insulin, which controls blood glucose. They need to take insulin daily to manage their condition and keep their blood glucose levels under control. Early detection of these antibodies could reduce the risk of people becoming seriously unwell when they first develop diabetes.

For more information about the ELSA Study at Nottingham Children’s Hospital, and to enrol your family members, email: ELSAdiabetesscreening@nuh.nhs.uk

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E.mbrace Study

The E.mbrace Study will assess the effectiveness and safety of an investigational vaccine in the prevention of blood infections in adults aged 60 or over.

These blood infections can lead to serious complications such as dangerously low blood pressure or shock.

These infections are called an invasive (also known as systemic) infection, often referred to as an invasive E. coli disease (IED). 

Although IED affects all ages, adults aged 60 years and older have an increased risk of developing IED, which is further increased if you have had a urinary tract infection (UTI) in the past.

What we learn in this study may be helpful for blood infection prevention in the future.

If you are interested in taking part, then please visit this website: https://en-gb.embracevaccinestudy.com/#about-study

COVID-19 research

We continue to research effective treatments, vaccines and therapies for COVID-19. You can find more details on our COVID-19 trials page.

Long Covid research

Our research is also looking at the longer-term effects for patients who are recovering, but still experiencing symptoms which are impacting on their lives. You can find details on our Long Covid trials page.

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