Regional Specialist Services

Regional specialist services

NUH is a centre for regional specialist services and is a proud leader in a number of fields. We have a national and international reputation for many of our specialist services, including stroke, renal, neurosurgery, cancer services and trauma.

We provide specialist services to our local population of around 2.5 million residents in Nottingham and the surrounding communities. We also provide specialist services for a further 3-4 million people from across the region.

Patients from across the UK and internationally choose NUH for a range of specialist treatments and services due to the calibre of our clinicians and excellent facilities that we provide.

A number of innovative new procedures and techniques have been pioneered at NUH and we remain a leading centre for research and finding new ways to improve patient care.

Cancer Care

Major Trauma Centre

Heart services

Renal and Kidney Transplant


Stroke Medicine

Neonatal (Specialist Services)

Nottingham Elective Orthopaedic Service


Cystic fibrosis

Burns Unit

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