Volunteering FAQs

Is there an age limit to volunteer?

Whilst we do accept volunteer’s from16 and above, we do have limitations on the types of wards and roles we place younger volunteers within (16-18).

There is no upper age limit to volunteer.

How much time per week do you require for volunteering?

All volunteers must be able to offer a minimum of two hours per week.  We request applicants to commit to a six months volunteering period minimum with our hospital.

How do I become a volunteer?

For an application form to be sent to you by post please call our application line 24 hours a day.

Tel: 0115 849 3318 Ext: 65318

You can also email a request to NUHvoluntary.services@nuh.nhs.uk or download and complete an application form. 


Do I need references?

You are required to supply full details of 2 people who know you well (i.e. have known you over 3 years) and can supply a reference, (these individuals cannot be related to you) But have consented to act as referees on your behalf.

All reference requests will be followed up and verified through the organisation’s Human Resources Department and Only professional E-mail addresses will now be accepted from recognised institutions such as, Employers, Voluntary Organisations, and Religious institutions. 


Do I need a DBS?

A Disclosure & Barring check will be carried out through the organisation’s Human Resources Department at no cost to the volunteer.


Will I have to attend an interview?

All potential volunteers are invited to attend an interview with two members of the voluntary services team. All potential volunteers will be given the opportunity to ask questions at interview.

Full details of the volunteer recruitment process and next steps are explained at the end of the interview.


Will I choose where I want to volunteer?

All placements are subject to availability at the time of recruitment and whilst we will try to accommodate request for placement areas if possible.

We do ultimately have to place volunteers in the areas the Trust deems the most in need of volunteers. We must also consider based on recruitment the safest and most suitable placement for each individual recruited. 

Can I be reimbursed to cover my expenses while volunteering?

It is unreasonable to expect volunteers to be out of pocket because of their involvement in volunteering for NUH. Volunteers can be reimbursed for travel expenses up to a 20 mile radius either via bus, Car, Bike, Bicycle 

Medilink Bus travel will be free with volunteers ID badge

Volunteers are NOT given a free car parking pass for your site. Volunteers parking on Trust premises will have to forfeit payment for car parking at their own expense.