Travel by bike

There are excellent cycle routes leading to the QMC and City Hospital. A cycle map is available below or you can plan your journey online by visiting the CycleStreets website.

Parking your bicycle

There are spaces for more than 100 bicycles at both hospital sites.

At City Hospital, there is a Citycard Cycle Hub located on the South Road opposite Clinical Haematology. At QMC, there is a Hub located under the Tram stop, near to the Treatment Centre. To access the Citycard Cycle Hubs, you must first be registered. You can do this by visiting Russell’s Bike Shed on Queens Road on the south side of Nottingham Station. To receive a Citycard Cycle Card, there is a registration charge of £5. This will give you access to all the Council hubs in Nottingham. For more details, please visit the Citycard website.

In addition to these compounds, there are open air Sheffield stands available at both sites. 

For staff travelling to work by bike, visit our cycle page for more details of facilities available.