People First strategy

Our strategy to deliver outstanding health outcomes and patient and staff experience

At NUH, we put People First. It is our commitment that everything we do, no matter how large or small, should always contribute to improving health outcomes and experiences for our patients, our staff and our communities.

People First is also the name of our organisational strategy, which was first published in 2023 following extensive engagement with staff, patients, volunteers and partners.

One year on, it is a timely opportunity to take stock of progress, review changes in our environment, and set our focus for the next year ahead (2024/25).

NUH People First Strategy - 2024/2026

NUH Annual Plan Summary 2024-25.pdf[pdf] 1009KB

Our mission | what we are here to do

To put people first in everything we do.

Our vision | where we want to get to

To be outstanding in health outcomes and patient and staff experience.

Our priorities | what we will deliver

Quality patient care

We will work together to deliver high quality care for our patients, families, carers and communities.

Our focus this year:

  • Embedding our Quality Strategy to improve patient outcomes
  • Quality Improvement Portfolio delivering CQC recommendations
  • Improving safety through better use of data, intelligence and insights
  • Demonstrating a responsive culture when things go wrong through learning and improving
  • Listening and learning from patient experience and collaborating with people and communities to improve quality and access to services
  • Fundamental standards of care and embedding a ‘just culture’ of learning and continuous improvement

Patient flow

Patients will consistently receive timely care and there will be no avoidable delays.

Our focus for this year:

  • Focus on frailty - working with our system partners to deliver care in the most appropriate setting and support patients to leave our hospital when they no longer need our services
  • Reducing length of stay to support effective utilisation of resources through using technology to support modern medical and surgical practice, working with primary care to ensure appropriate referrals, and minimising internal delays to care delivery
  • Improve theatre productivity to maximise the number of patients we can treat through our resources
  • Utilising Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) data and principles we will apply best practice to reduce variation

Retention and recruitment

We will become the employer of choice by creating an environment that supports the recruitment and retention of staff.

Our focus this year:

  • Embed a robust approach to workforce planning and workforce transformation to ensure our services are delivered in the most efficient and effective way
  • Embed changes to team job planning to provide a greater link to productivity
  • Introduce e-rostering for medical staff
  • Develop and expand apprenticeship offer
  • Provide a candidate focused approach to recruitment
  • Improvement in retention rates
  • Reduce agency cost and usage

Culture and leadership

We will create a culture where staff feel safe, supported and included, where individual differences and variety is valued and where everyone has equal access to the same opportunities.

Our focus this year:

  • Implement the workforce inclusion strategy
  • Launch and embed the trust values and behaviours
  • Develop and launch leadership competency and development framework, including a collaborative leadership programme
  • Support the cultural elements of the financial sustainability programme
  • Finalise the education strategy

Financial sustainability

We will be financially secure, making best use of resources that contribute to a sustainable healthcare system.

Our focus for this year:

  • Workforce transformation – premium pay, rostering, role re-design and updated dashboards
  • Productivity – reduced length of stay, improved outpatient, theatre and diagnostic utilisation
  • Standardise, centralise, and digitalise – do things the same way across the Trust, consolidation of the delivery of a service or offering to a single team/unit and lever efficiencies through the application of technology
  • Service reviews – management and admin structure review, clinical service reviews and corporate service reviews
  • Financial grip, control and efficiency – maintain best practice grip and control as measured by external checklists. Deliver traditional divisional and corporate efficiencies

Our values | what we stand for

  • Kind

  • Inclusive

  • Ambitious

  • One Team

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Making it happen | our interlocking strategies

Clinically-led strategies

  • Urgent and emergency care - to ensure timely access to emergency care and reduce the risk of delay-related harm and morale injury to staff
  • Planned care - to provide safe, timely and effective services through a patient centred, collaborative and system wide healthcare approach
  • Specialised services - leading for excellence in specialised services

People First - Clinically-led Strategies 2024.pdf [pdf] 529KB

Enabling strategies

  • Quality: To demonstrate that everyone knows how they contribute to quality of care at NUH
  • Estate and carbon: To facilitate the delivery of a clinically led, modern, fit for purpose Healthcare Estate that responds to the needs of the patients, our staff and the strategic priorities of the organisation
  • Partnerships: To provide a framework of identification, management and oversight of our partnerships
  • Research and Innovation: Our ambition is to be an outstanding centre for research, including research innovation, education and training
  • Workforce (R&R): Become the employer of choice by creating an environment that supports the recruitment and retention of staff
  • Workforce (Inclusion): Putting people first to feel safe, supported and included
  • Communications and Engagement: We will support delivery of People First priorities by providing people with the information they need (inform), recognising, showcasing and celebrating the work of our staff (recognise) and building relationships that improve understanding, confidence and trust (relationships)
  • Digital and Information: To use digital, data and technology to support our staff in delivering the most efficient and effective care for our population
  • Medium-term financial strategy: To deliver a high quality enabling service, with easily accessible information supporting NUH and the ICS with continued financial sustainability that benefits our patients, our people and our partners

People First - Enabling Strategies 2024.pdf [pdf] 548KB

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People First

A message from Anthony May, Chief Executive

“Over the course of my first 100 days here I set out to immerse myself in NUH, having more Photo of Anthony May than 3,000 conversations with staff, patients, volunteers and partners to really understand   what it is like to work for, receive care at and interact with our organisation. The insights from this engagement are set out in People First, a report in which I also make three recommendations for how, over the next three to five years, we can work together to help NUH reach its potential and be the best it can be.

I have deliberately called the report People First because NUH depends on people: those who 2.5m local residents and a further 3-4m people across the East Midlands accessing servicescome through the doors every day for their care, those who work and volunteer here, and those who work for our partners. And because, for us to succeed, it is vital that we work together.

I want to thank everyone I have met since I started at NUH in September. The insights and feedback you have given me have been both inspirational and, at times, stark. I know that people are fatigued, and also frustrated that the professional excellence to which they aspire is not always possible in current circumstances. Despite this, I have seen so many humbling examples of compassion, dedication and commitment to deliver the best care. I have seen people’s pride at being an NUH employee even with the challenges we are facing, and I too am proud to lead such an incredible organisation.''

You can view the 'People First' Document here:  100 Day Plan Report.pdf[pdf] 6MB

Here is a summary version:  100 Day Plan Summary.pdf [pdf] 983KB