Tomorrow's NUH Update - 25.05.23

Joint stakeholder update from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB

Nottingham University Hospitals and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board welcomes the continued commitment to the New Hospital Programme (NHP). We will be working with the NHP team and NHS England over the next few weeks to understand what this announcement will mean for Tomorrow’s NUH timescales. 

We continue to plan for a public consultation to consult on the TNUH programme proposals. After this is completed, outline and full business cases will be developed, which will include the delivery of the enabling works for the programme.

More information: Five major hospitals to be rebuilt as part of over £20 billion new hospital infrastructure investment - GOV.UK (

Tomorrow's NUH

Our Trust vision is for our hospitals to become ‘outstanding in health outcomes and patient and staff experience’. To achieve that vision, we need modern, fit for purpose buildings that will support us to deliver effective and efficient care and help us to train the next generation of healthcare workers. Tomorrow’s NUH is the name of our programme to develop our hospital estate.

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group carried out a four-week programme of public engagement around Tomorrow’s NUH during March 2022. The feedback from this engagement will help us further develop the proposals, and a full public consultation will take place later in the year.

Read the engagement report here: Tomorrow’s NUH (

Read the latest chapter here:

Currently, we have some duplication of services across our two large hospital sites, and have services that should ideally be co-located, situated on opposite sides of the city. Our ageing estate makes it difficult for us to deliver modern healthcare in the way we would like – the buildings were designed at a different time to care for fewer patients with different needs than those of today. Through Tomorrow’s NUH we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to address those issues.


NUH is one of the Trusts identified in the Department of Health and Social Care’s New Hospital Programme, a programme of investment in NHS hospitals over the next decade, backed by an initial £3.7bn. The investment we receive through this programme will allow us to redevelop our QMC and City hospital sites, including constructing some new buildings and carrying out major refurbishment work. Tomorrow’s NUH will lead to major improvements both in health outcomes, and in people’s experience of using our services, as well as a reduction in health inequalities. In partnership with the Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group, we will be carrying out a full public consultation on our proposals later in the year.


You can read more about Tomorrow’s NUH below. Chapter 1 sets out the vision for the future of our hospitals, and Chapter 2 explains the clinical model which will determine how we seek to bring that vision to life. Chapter 3 sets out our preferred way forward for how our services are organised across our hospital buildings, and how our digital and people plans will support this.


You may also be interested in the FAQs for the programme  Tomorrow's NUH - FAQs September 2022.pdf [pdf] 514KB . If you have additional questions you would like to be included, please email

Our Timeline for the Programme

Our Timeline for the Programme