Tomorrow's NUH

Tomorrow's NUH

“Working with patients, staff and partners, we will use this exciting once-in-a-generation opportunity of investment through the Government’s New Hospital Programme to improve how and where services are delivered, so that health and care services across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are more joined up and accessible to all. We will put our hospitals at the forefront of healthcare research and innovation, and transform them into more efficient, greener environments.”   TNUH vision

What is Tomorrow’s NUH?

Tomorrow's NUH (TNUH) is the name of our programme to redevelop both the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) and the City Hospital, creating improved environments that will enable us to respond to changes in health needs and medical advances, and to continue providing the right care for our local communities long into the future. It is part of the Government’s New Hospital Programme (NHP), which is investing in buildings and equipment across the NHS, to ensure that our healthcare system and staff have the facilities they need for the future.

Currently, we have some duplication of services across our two large hospital sites, and have services which should ideally be co-located, at the moment situated on opposite sides of the City Hospital. Our ageing estate makes it difficult for us to deliver modern healthcare in the way we would like to – many of our buildings were designed at a different time to care for fewer patients with different needs than those of today. In addition, as new treatments and technologies unheard of five or ten years ago are introduced, it is also important that our health and care services change too.

We also want to use our staff and resources in the most efficient ways, and we want to make sure we are creating opportunities within our local community as an employer of choice, while building on our reputation as a world-class teaching and research institution, so we attract new clinical talent to the region.

Through the Tomorrow’s NUH Programme investment, we have the opportunity to help address these issues and want to:-

  • Improve the way we manage the care of patients in an emergency by increasing the range of emergency care we provide at the QMC.
  • Provide new facilities for women, children and families, bringing these together on a single hospital site (QMC).
  • Provide a centre of excellence at the City Hospital for planned (elective) care.
  • Develop best-in-class cancer services at both the City Hospital and the QMC sites and in the community.
  • Transform outpatient services to provide patients with high quality care at the right time, and in the right place.

Our proposals, in summary:-

Image showing the proposal of Tomorrows NUH and the movements of services

Through the TNUH programme we also have the opportunity to review the services currently delivered from Ropewalk House and consider the right location for these in the future.

Engaging with you

With our colleagues from the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB, we have carried out continuous public engagement since the beginning of the TNUH programme, to make sure that we have included patients and the public in the planning of our services, in helping to develop our proposals, and in the decisions about how services could operate in the future.

During March 2022, we carried out a four-week programme of public engagement around Tomorrow's NUH (read the engagement report here).  More recently, we engaged with people on services at Ropewalk House, the impact of some services moving from City Hospital to the QMC on residents of Basford, Bestwood and Sherwood, and services for women, children and families (read the engagement report here).

Subject to ICB approval, we will undertake a full public consultation, at a time to be agreed.

Enabling Works

In August we were granted £370,000 from the New Hospital Programme to allow us to further scope and explore plans for key projects – a 1,500 space multi-storey car park and power supply infrastructure – which are needed to prepare our hospital sites ready for the future changes proposed by the TNUH programme. More information on the projects is available here.

Our Journey so Far

You can read about the TNUH programme journey so far in our series of Chapter documents (include links to Chapter documents):

  • Chapter 1 sets out the vision for the future of our hospitals. 
  • Chapter 2 explains how we would seek to bring that vision to life. 
  • Chapters 3 and 4 look at our preferred way forward for how our services are organised across our hospital buildings, and how our digital and people plans will support this.
  • Chapter 5 gives a glimpse of what our hospitals could look like in the future.

If you have any questions, please email: .

Read all of our chapters below:

Tomorrows NUH Chapter 5 WR.pdf [pdf] 13MB

Tomorrows NUH Chapter 4 WR.pdf [pdf] 16MB

Tomorrows NUH Chapter 3 WR.pdf [pdf] 14MB

Tomorrows NUH Chapter 2 WR.pdf [pdf] 9MB

Tomorrows NUH Chapter 1 WR.pdf [pdf] 3MB