Trust reports

Different reports chart our progress, success stories and ongoing challenges

  • Annual Report and Accounts - an overview of how we did across the full spectrum of performance indicators (including quality, safety, experience and money
  • Quality Account – a review of how we did against our main quality and safety targets
  • Patient Safety Annual Report - a summary of our main patient safety achievements
  • Annual Plan – our 2023/24 priorities

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Openness and transparency

Occasionally, patients are involved in a safety incident when in our care. A small number of these incidents cause harm.

When things go wrong, we have a duty to inform our patients what has happened. This is very much part of our culture.

We are committed to talking to patients/carers at a very early stage to understand what has happened and, where necessary, learn to prevent them happening again to improve the safety of our future patients.


February 2019: External review and our learning – stroke patient

Click here for the full report into an investigation involving the care of a stroke patient which regrettably involved significant shortcomings in our care. This case was discussed in full at our public Trust Board meeting in January 2019. The Trust’s response is copied below, including our extensive learning.

Dr Keith Girling, NUH Medical Director, said: “The external investigation into this tragic case found many shortcomings in the care provided to Dr Al-Deiri and her family. On behalf of the Trust, I reiterate my apologies for our failings and for the anguish and distress we caused Dr Al-Deiri and her family.

“We commissioned two expert reports to examine our care and handling of this incident. These were critical of the missed opportunities to diagnose and treat Dr Al-Deiri’s stroke, and of the way we completed our initial investigation, particularly in relation to the way we communicated with the family.

Our doctors and clinical teams have reflected at length on the very extensive learning from this case.  Our improvements include greater family involvement in investigation processes and more timely investigation procedures. Our progress against the important recommendations in the Report are being closely monitored, with Board oversight.”

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