Take part in a trial

Take part in a trial

At NUH we run hundreds of clinical trials every year. We are only able to do this because our patients, carers and families volunteer to take part in and support our research.

Take part in a trial at NUH

Our aim is to offer every patient the opportunity to take part in clinical research at our hospitals.

In 2019/20 over 14,000 people took part in clinical trials here, enabling us to test new treatments, technology and therapies which will help to improve healthcare for thousands of people.

Ask your clinical team about research

You can ask the team caring for you about research taking place at NUH which you may be able to take part in.

Please check with your Research Team about how COVID-19 may be impacting on research studies that you are taking part in.

COVID-19 research

We continue to research effective treatments, vaccines and therapies for COVID-19. Your can find more details details on our COVID-19 trials page.

Long Covid research

Our research is also looking at the longer-term effects for patients who are recovering, but still expriencing symptoms which are impacting on their lives. You can find details on our Long Covid trials page.

All research trials 

You can search for research trials that are looking for people to take part now. Use the Be Part of Research link to start your search.