Tell us your experience

Tell us your experience

Participant in Research Experience Survey

If you are taking part in a research trial at NUH, then we'd like to know what you think.

The Participant in Research Experience Survey (PRES) is managed by the National Institute for Health and Care Research Clinical Research Network East Midlands and is part of the work we are doing together to get the views of people across the region.

How will my feedback help?

The information you give us will be used to understand:

  • what works best for patients in the way we do research in the NHS
  • where we can make helpful changes in the way we do things

How do I give my feedback?

You can complete the questionnaire on the NIHR Participant in Research Experience Survey website. These links will take you to the website:

  • click on this link 
  • use your smart phone or tablet to scan the QR code shown on the right side of this page. 

How will my information will be used?

It is your choice to fill in the questionnaire. We won't ask for any personal information about you, if you do choose to fill it in. 

Your responses to the questions will be treated in confidence. Whether you decide to fill in the questionnaire or not, your treatment or your participation in research won't be affected in any way.

What you told us about taking part

You can see below the summary of the feedabck you have given us in the drop-down sections below.

Your experience in 2021-22

Results from the 2021-22 survey

Your experience in 2020/21

The results of the Participant in Research Experience Survey for 2020/21.

Results of 2020-21 survey


What you told us about restarting research

In July 2020, we asked for your views on restarting research at NUH following the suspension of most clinicla reasearch so that we could support urgent COVID-19 research.

Thank you to everyone who responded. Below is a summary of the main things that you told us:

Summary of survey results

Find out more about our plans to restart research at NUH by watching a short video.

Your experience in 2019/20

Patient Research Experience Survey results 2019-20

Summary of the results of patient feedback from 2019-20


Your experience in 2018/19

Summary of results