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Research Volunteers

Through our existing NUH Volunteers scheme, we will be offering new opportunities for members of the public, carers and patients to volunteer alongside our research teams across our hospitals. These opportunities will include:

  • Raising awareness and helping us to promote the research we do
  • Working with and advising researchers about all aspects of the research we carry out
  • Representing our research on a regional and national level

We are grateful to Nottingham Hospitals Charity for their support for our Research Volunteers programme. 

Being a Research Volunteer

Being a Research Volunteer means that you will be a valued and recognised contributor to our clinical research teams.

You don't need to be an expert in clincial research or have any previous experience of research to get involved. In addition to the support that NUH provides to every volunteer, we’ll provide a full introduction to clinical research here and ongoing support to learn more about the different ways that research is improving treatment and care for our patients.

As a Research Volunteer you will be able to choose the type of support you'd like to offer and what areas of research you'd like to be involved in. This includes research into diseases like asthma or diabetes, or in our specialist research areas. In each case volunteers will have the opportunity to work with our front-line research teams in NUH and in our centres of excellence:

Through NUH, Research Volunteers will also be able to become part of the wider regional and national networks of people who support clinical research.

How to apply

We're now opening up applications for people interested in being a Research Volunteer. Find all the details on the Research Volunteers pages of this

Contact us

For more information about Patient and Public Involvement in research at NUH, please email us.