Get Tested

Get tested To speak to us for advice, treatment or to book an appointment please contact 

01159 627 627 between 08:30-19:00 Monday - Thursday,

08:30-17:00 Friday

09:30-14:00 Saturday

An STI check-up will test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis. The check-up will involve a discussion about your sexual history and any risks that you may have had and depending upon your individual circumstances you may need:

  • to provide a urine sample
  • to take a swab yourself
  • a blood test

If you have been experiencing symptoms, you will usually need to be examined and further tests may be required.

Not all clinics offer checks for symptoms so please check what is available in your local clinic when booking your appointment.


Visiting a clinic

When you visit a sexual health clinic you will talk to one of our healthcare professionals. They will ask you about your symptoms and why you would like to be tested.

We will also ask you about general health, allergies and we ask a few personal questions about your sexual activity, this is so we can advise you on the test available and so we know what your risks are for specific infections.

It is all confidential and we don’t discuss your consultation with anyone else unless you agree.

Online Testing

If you do not have any symptoms you can access online testing.

If you have a Nottinghamshire postcode, you can access online testing at

If you have a Nottingham City postcode then you can access free online a testing, repeat contraception and emergency contraception online at SH:24

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