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Sexual Health Services

Welcome to the Nottingham Sexual Health and HIV Service. We provide a free and confidential service

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Bacterial vaginosis clinical study

We are actively seeking women with bacterial vaginosis for a clinical study.

Nottingham is one of several clinics in England currently running a clinical study into a new treatment for bacterial vaginosis. The treatment is simple, safe, and does not involve antibiotics.  Women with symptoms of bacterial vaginosis may participate in the study.

For more information or to book an appointment contact the Research team on 07812270005.

Further information is also available on

COVID-19 and changes to sexual health services

We have temporarily changed our services in response to the coronavirus outbreak, to protect our staff, our patients and our local community. 


Access to clinics during this time is via a telephone appointment in the first instance only – it is not possible to ‘walk in’. If you have a need that is not urgent, please consider whether this can wait until the coronavirus outbreak is over.

If you feel you need advice or treatment, call us on 01159 627 627 (between 08:30-19:00 Monday - Friday, 09:30-14:00 Saturday). You will be offered a telephone consultation, and if following this we need to see you in person we will offer an appointment at the City Campus clinic.


If you have a Nottinghamshire postcode, you can access online testing at

If you have a Nottingham City postcode then you can access free online a testing, repeat contraception and emergency contraception online at SH:24.


Emergency Contraception, is also available at community pharmacies but we recommend phoning ahead of your visit to find out their opening times and access to services. 

Remember - During social isolation, it is not advised to have sex with anyone whom you do not live with, even a regular partner who lives in another house.


COVID-19 and HIV

We are currently providing an HIV telephone clinic service. If you have any urgent concern or are running out of your HIV medication then please ring us, tel:01159 627 627 (Mon-Fri, 9-5pm)

Please click on this link for up to date information:


All our services are strictly confidential for all of our patients, no matter the age or circumstance. The information our patients give us is not shared with anyone outside our sexual health service without the consent of our patients unless it is necessary to protect someone from serious harm. Our higher standards of confidentiality are discussed with patients when they first attend our service.

Contact us

Tel: 01159 627 627

between 9.00am-5.00pm, Monday-Friday

What to expect

When you arrive at one of our clinics you will be asked to register your details, even if we have seen you before. Your details will only be used by the sexual health service, and only to help with your treatment. Information about confidentiality is available. You will most likely need to wait in a shared waiting area until the healthcare team can see you. Other patients will not know the reason why you are attending and they will be attending for a wide variety of reasons themselves.



A nurse may be present to assist the doctor during any examination. If you have any concerns about this then please discuss them with the doctor. If you would like a friend or partner to be present during your examination then please tell the nurse or doctor.



The sexual health service uses a telephone interpretation system for some of the services we provide. For some appointments an interpreter may be present in the room.