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What is My Online Care?

We now have a new service called My Online Care. This will help your medical team decide if you need a face-to-face follow up appointment. This will give you more choice over how we care for you.

My Online Care will allow you to use online questionnaires that you can complete anywhere, on your mobile, tablet or computer. Your medical team will review your questionnaire answers and contact you to discuss whether or not you need to attend a face-to-face appointment.


How will My Online Care help me?

Regular monitoring of your symptoms at home will help us to make sure you are only spending time attending hospital when you really need to. We are trying to give you more choice over your time, care and experience.

Patient Information Leaflets

To find out more about how My Online Care works within your treatment area, you can download a Patient Information Leaflet for your area here:

Frequently Asked Questions?

I can’t complete the online questionnaire on my own. Can someone do it for me?

You must complete the questionnaire yourself. If you feel that this is not possible then please talk it over with your medical team. It might not be possible for you to use My Online Care at this time.


What happens if I feel I need to speak to my medical team face-to-face?

On the questionnaire we will ask if you wish to see your medical team. If you answer yes, your medical team will contact you to confirm your next face-to-face appointment.


Can I change my mind and go back to having my normal face-to-face clinic appointments?

Yes. Just let your team know and this will be organised for you. You can discuss with your medical team how often you visit a face-to-face and digital appointment.


Are the digital questionnaires available in other languages and formats?

The questionnaires are currently only available in English and in read-only format. We hope to extend this in the future.


What if I do not complete my questionnaire before my digital review clinic appointment?

You should attend your booked face-to-face appointment. Your medical team will inform you of this in any case.


What happens with my data?

To find out more about what we do with your data, you can download our full privacy policy here: