Listening to feedback

Feedback to Us

Team NUH are given the opportunity to provide continous feedback via a short survey attached to many of communications. The survey asks four short questions, and responses are collected by rating how you feel. Additional comments to add to expand on your ratings are welcomed. They’re not mandated, but they really help us to understand why you feel the way that you do, whether your feedback is positive, or whether it highlights an area where we could be doing more.

National Staff Survey

The National Staff Survey runs annually for around eight weeks during the Autumn. It is a national initiative and a really good way for you to give feedback on NUH. Your responses are particularly important as it is the measure by which we are benchmarked against other trusts and it contains more detail than the quarterly FFT surveys.

As with our continous feedback survey, it is promoted widely across the Trust, however there is one main difference in that you will be sent a personal email and reminders with a link to complete the survey. 

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