Maternity and Neonatal Redesign Programme

Maternity and Neonatal Redesign Programme

We are excited to be able to officially launch the Maternity and Neonatal Redesign programme!  You can read a copy of the media release here: QMC Neonatal Unit takes exciting next step in expansion plans | Latest news | NUH

We are also excited to be able to share with you the 3D flythrough video which shows how our new, expanded Neonatal Unit will look.


Through the Maternity and Neonatal Redesign Programme, we are taking forward plans to expand our neonatal facilities at the Queen’s Medical Centre.  The construction of the new neonatal unit which is scheduled to begin in January 2024 will take around 10 months and we hope to move into the new expanded unit in December 2024.  This will give us 21 more cots, taking the total number to 38, and will create a better working environment for our staff and more space and privacy for families.

Nottingham University Hospitals provides care for premature babies and their families at both the Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital, and we are the main Tertiary Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for this part of the East Midlands.  At the moment, pregnant women who should be able to access neonatal care for their babies at Nottingham, and some babies who are born prematurely, have to be transferred to other hospitals in the East Midlands or even further afield because we do not have enough available cots locally.  Thanks to this expansion programme, that situation will be much less likely in the future.

The expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Queen’s Medical Centre will include intensive care, high dependency and low dependency cots.  The neonatal service at City Hospital will become what is known as a ‘Local Neonatal Unit’ (LNU), where babies can be supported in intensive care, before being transferred to the Queen’s Medical Centre for longer term care if needed.  The City Hospital Neonatal Unit will reduce down to eight cots so we will have an overall net increase of 13 cots.

To enable the expansion of the QMC neonatal unit, the current unit has temporarily moved to within the Nottingham’s Children Hospital Surgical Unit (NCHSU) on B floor in West Block from September 2023.   We undertook building works to ensure that NCHSU had the necessary requirements to allow the neonatal unit to continue to give the same level of medical and surgical neonatal intensive care to the babies of Nottingham and out network hospitals. 

The temporary relocation of the QMC neonatal unit has not affected the number of cots we have available for babies within Nottingham or those babies in the East Midlands requiring neonatal intensive care.  In addition, parents will continue to be welcome on the unit at any time.

A timeline of the programme can be seen below:

maternity and neonatal redesign roadmap 2023/24

Progress made so far can be seen on the following video:

Neonatal decant - useful videos

Route videos to the new neonatal unit

To help with finding the route to the new neonatal unit we have developed videos that provide directions from both the hospital main entrance and from the tram bridge entrance.  These videos can be viewed via the following links:

Finding the new neonatal unit from the main entrance at QMC


Finding the new neonatal unit from the tram bridge at QMC



Current Opportunities

Calling all qualified children’s, adult and learning difficulties nurses - we’re expanding and need you! 

Come and join us in this historical city, a great place to live, work and enjoy the rich culture that Nottingham has to offer.

Do you want a career with growth, progression and empowerment?  There has never been a more exciting time to join our neonatal team as we expand our neonatal service. 

We’re looking for compassionate, ambitious, and forward thinking people to join our team.  With so many opportunities for self-development and progression we need people who want to learn and inspire others.  We need people who have a voice and want to use it to drive positive change and people who love a challenge and want to be part of transformation.

Your skills and talents as a Nurse will help ensure our babies, and families receive the unparalleled quality care they deserve and in return, you’ll find a rewarding career full of opportunity and open doors.  When you work at NUH, you’re not just helping families – you’re part of one too.

We provide care for tertiary level neonatal care for premature babies and their families at Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital, we are the north hub in the East Midlands for neonatal intensive care.  We are proud to offer both medical and surgical intensive care for extremely premature and very sick infants, as well as having an integrated outreach team in place to support babies and families once they return home.

To view a copy of our recruitment brochure click here.

If you’re thinking of joining us and would require support with relocating please contact us for a discussion.