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A cancer diagnosis can change your financial situation.

Here at the Macmillan Information and Support Service we can help make money one less worry.

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You may be entitled to benefits if you are on a low income, have limited savings or if you affected by certain health conditions. The benefits system can be confusing and difficult to understand. Our Specialist Team are here to help you find out what financial support may be available to you and how to apply for them.

Benefit Advice

Each benefit has rules about who can claim them and some benefits are paid to you for particular reasons, for example if you have a health problem that makes it difficult for you to walk or look after yourself.

Some benefits depend on the amount of money and savings you have and these are called income related benefits. Other benefits can only be paid if you have paid enough National Insurance Contributions and these are called contribution based benefits or contributory benefits.

Our Macmillan Cancer Information Team can help you by checking what benefits you may be entitled to and provide you with the information and support you need to start an application.

Financial Advice

We give financial support to people affected by cancer, including accessing grants through Macmillan and other local and national organisations.

Every week over 700 people affected by cancer receive a Macmillan Grant. There are also many other organisations you can get financial help from and these can depend on the type of cancer you have, your occupation, income or where you live. We can advise you on what you might be entitled to and how to apply. Grants can help to pay for many things including heating bills, essential household items like washing machines and fridges to holidays and items to aid your wellbeing and comfort.

We can also offer advice on claiming for travel expenses, help with energy costs, reducing your outgoings and much more!

If you would like help with claiming benefits, financial support or to apply for a grant, pop in to one of our Centres, call, text or email us. No appointment is required.