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Nottingham’s Macmillan Information and Support Service are looking for People Affected by Cancer to join their Steering Group. By joining you will be able to have your voice heard and help to shape the Service into what People Affected by Cancer need. The group meets 4 times a year, over Zoom.

Steering Group Aims:

  • Contribute to the Macmillan Information and Support Service’s annual report;
  • To actively participate in shaping the service provided by the Macmillan Information and Support Service;
  • Contribute to improving patient care;
  • Identify gaps in service to enable improvement;
  • Ensure that People Affected by Cancer have a voice in the group;
  • Ensure that Health and Social Care Professionals have a voice in the group;
  • Communicate their vision and work to the wider community;


To register your interest please email: or Tel:0115 840 2650.