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Poppy McGill rings the End of Treatment Bell on New Year’s Day

A five year old girl rang the End of Treatment Bell at Nottingham Children’s Hospital on Tuesday 1 January (New Year’s Day), to mark the end of her treatment for a brain tumour.

Poppy McGill and a dozen family members and friends visited ward E40 at Nottingham Children’s Hospital on New Year’s Day as she rang the bell to mark the end of her chemotherapy treatment, 12 months after being diagnosed with cancer.

Poppy’s dad, Steve McGill, 39 years old said: “We are very thankful that this day has come. It was very tough in the beginning but it got easier with help from staff at the hospital and now we are able to look forward to and focus on Poppy’s recovery. The bell ringing on New Year’s Day is great timing.”

Janet Hagan, Ward Manager at Nottingham Children’s Hospital: “It is always fantastic to see patients who are able to ring the bell at the end of their treatment on our wards. It is a special occasion for not just the patient, but their family and friends who go on this journey with them. Poppy has had a rollercoaster year and we look forward to being able to support her and her family as she continues her recovery.”

It was in January 2018 when Poppy had not long returned from a family trip of a lifetime to Lapland, when her parents were told she had a tumour the size of a golf ball growing in her brain.

Since her diagnosis, Poppy had undergone thirty doses of radiotherapy and eight cycles of chemotherapy, and is looking forward to being able to enjoy school and to continue to focus on her recovery.

Steve McGill said: "Essentially ringing the bell marks the end her chemotherapy treatment. It is a relief really when you know what the stuff does to you. She will still be requiring medication and probably a couple more transfusions. And of course there's medication for the next two, three or four months to go yet. But they're all to aid recovery.

“We are grateful to the staff that have helped and supported Poppy and our family over the last few months at Nottingham Children’s Hospital.”

Poppy was one of the patients stories that featured starred in the BBC Two series ‘Hospital’ documentary filmed at Nottingham University Hospitals in early 2018, during what was widely described as the toughest winter on record for the NHS.

In October this year Poppy and family are hoping to celebrate her sixth birthday with a trip to Disneyland Florida, a way to mark and celebrate what has been an incredibly tough year for the family.