Our Emergency Department is extremely busy. 

If you need medical care or advice that is urgent but not an immediate, genuine emergency, please visit https://111.nhs.uk/ or call 111 first so trained NHS 111 advisors can tell you the best place to be seen quickly.

Please remember there is also the Urgent Treatment Centre at Seaton House, NG2 4LA.

Map of QMC 3D - QMC Map 3D.pdf[pdf] 2MB


Map of QMC overview - QMC Map overview.pdf[pdf] 1020KB


Map of A Floor - QMC A Floor[pdf] 846KB
Services on A Floor include eye, ear, nose and throat (EENT); Emergency Department (A&E); Fracture Clinic; Occupational Therapy and Pathology


Map of B Floor - QMC B Floor[pdf] 749KB
Services on B Floor include the Acute Medicine Receiving Unit (AMRU), Maternity, Antenatal and Neo-natal Unit; Children's Clinic South/Children's Outpatients East; Clinics 2 and 3; oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Pharmacy and X-ray.


Map of C Floor - QMC C Floor[pdf] 182KB
Services on C Floor include Adult Intensive Care Unit (AICU); Diabetes Unit; Dietetics and Nutrition


Map of D Floor - QMC D Floor[pdf] 192KB
Services on D Floor include Children's Ambulatory Care Unit; Children's Burns and Plastics; Children's Dieticians; Children's Occupational Therapy; Children's Physiotherapy; Ward D57; Endoscopy; national LAM Centre


Map of E Floor - QMC E Floor[pdf] 185KB
Services on E Floor include; Children's Dialysis Unit; Children's Oncology/Rheumatology Day Case; Children's Respiratory Unit; Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU); Queen's Day Case Unit


Map of F Floor - QMC F Floor[pdf] 164KB
Services on F Floor include; Immunology unit