Finding your way at QMC


Click the links below for maps of the QMC

Note that the letter in all ward numbers indicates which floor that ward is on.  For example, ward C32 can be found on C Floor.

  • Interactive map of QMC
  • Printable map illustrating the full site, including a directory of wards, departments and services 
  • 3D map of full site
  • Map of QMC A Floor (services on A Floor include eye, ear, nose and throat (EENT); emergency department (A&E); fracture clinic; occupational therapy; pathology and spinal outpatients)
  • Map of QMC B Floor (services on B Floor include Acute Medicine Receiving Unit, maternity, antenatal and neo-natal services; ambulance discharge; cardiology; children's clinic south/children's outpatients east; clinic 2 & 3; oral and maxillofacial surgery; pharmacy and x-ray)
  • Map of QMC C Floor (services on C Floor include adult intensive care unit (ICU); diabetes unit; dietetics and nutrition; orthopaedic and accident surgery)
  • Map of QMC D Floor (services on D Floor include acute cardiac unit; children's ambulatory care unit; children's burns and plastics; children's dieticians; children's occupational therapy; children's physiotherapy, D57 medical daycase treatment unit; endoscopy; national LAM centre)
  • Map of QMC E Floor (services on E Floor include child and adolescent psychiatry; children's dialysis unit; children's oncology/rheumatology day case; children's respiratory unit; paediatric intensive care unit (PICU); colorectal and stoma care; GI motility/surgery)
  • Map of QMC F Floor (services on F Floor include clinical immunology unit; general surgery admissions/pre-admissions unit; orthopaedic surgery pre-admissions unit)

Please note: these maps will be sized to fit your current browser window when opened - for a closer view, please use the zoom function of your browser.

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