We are now using an online referral system ensuring speed of access and accurate information transfer and recording of all neurosurgical referrals. 

This can be found at:

For patients with brain tumours where you would like them to be discussed at either the neuro-oncology or brain metastases MDT, and the Neurosurgery SpR on-call advises this via Refer-a-Patient, then please complete the relevant referral form below IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE so that the MDT Team are fully aware of the patient’s background and current clinical issues.

If the patient has a previously known or definite newly diagnosed primary cancer elsewhere, and the brain lesion(s) is likely to represent a metastasis then please complete the brain metastases MDT Referral form (found here – Brain Metastases MDT Referral Form[docx] 91KB ) and email it to This form is probably best completed by the patient's parent oncology team or at least in consultation with them; they will be able to consider the role of radical local brain treatments in the context of their systemic cancer management  

For all other brain/spinal tumours then the standard neuro-oncology MDT referral form Neuro Oncology MDT Referral Form should completed and emailed to the MDT coordinator at the following email address:

All sections of the referral form MUST be filled in. The brain metastases MDT is held every Tuesday morning whereas the general neuro-oncology MDT takes place every Friday morning.  The results of the discussions will be emailed back to the referrers at the end of the meeting to enable patients to be informed of their respective treatment plan.

Please note that there is a dedicated orthopaedic spinal unit at QMC.  Referrals concerning spinal trauma and vertebral metastases should be discussed with the spinal unit in the first instance.

Contact the Neurosurgical Registrar On Call

The neurosurgical registrar on-call is available on 07812275352 or via switchboard 0115 924 9924.