Neurosurgery Specialist Services

Neurosurgery Specialist Services:

Functional Neurosurgery

Nottingham Functional Neurosurgery  service is led by Mr Surajit Basu. We routinely perform deep brain stimulation for movement disorders, Baclofen pump insertion and refill service for spasticity, vagal nerve stimulation for epilepsy, Spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain as well as balloon decompression and microvascular decompression for Trigeminal pain. We also undertake respective epilepsy surgeries (temporal lobectomies) for epilepsy and awake craniotomies with the oncology team. We have recently started offering VNS for depression through Leicester psychiatry team.

Paediatric  service performs VNS for intractable seizures and spinal dorsal rhizotomies for spasticity along with ITB. Nottingham is one of the five units commissioned in the country to perform SDR.

The implanted devices are supported on day to day basis by team of specialist nurses and physiotherapists under close supervision from neurosurgical service. This includes spinal cord stimulator clinics, deep brain stimulator clinics and intrathecal drug delivery pump refill clinics.

The functional team members

Neurosurgery Consultants

Mr Surajit Basu, Mr Harshal Ingale, Mr Michael Vloeberghs

Neurology consultants

Dr Gill Sare (Movement Disorders), Dr Michael O'Donoghue (Epilepsy), Dr Sumeet Singhal (Epilepsy)


Dr Thabit Sabbubeh

Pain anaesthetic consultants

Dr Mark Dale, Dr Vanessa Hodgkinson, Dr Michal Czernicki

Specialist Neruosmodulation nurses

Sally Goodall, Michelle Henley

Specialist pain nurses

Claire Capps, Nicola Goldstraw

Functional Neurosurgery Fellow

Rudrajit Kanjilal


Nottingham provides surgical Neuro-oncology services for the entire East Midlands and is one of the busiest Neuro-oncology departments in the UK. A full range of surgical techniques are employed including 5ALA fluorescence guided surgery, awake craniotomy, intra-operative neurophysiology and intra-operative ultrasound. Construction work has begun for an intra-operative MRI scanner and suite. Close links exist with the University of Nottingham and related translational neuro-oncology research programmes. Sub-speciality interests also include intradural spinal and pineal region tumours.

Neurooncology Team Members


Stuart Smith

Consultant Neurosurgeons

Mr Donald Macarthur (Chair), Mr Stuart Smith, Mr Alexander Leggate, Miss Maria Cartmill, Mr Simon Howarth, Mr Paul Byrne, Mr Surajit Basu, Mr Graham Dow, Mr Harshal Ingale, Mr Iain Robertson, Mr Barrie White, Mr Richard Ashpole

Consultant Oncologists

Dr Karen Foweraker, Dr Matthew Griffin, Dr Mike Smith-Howell, Dr Rengarajan Vijayan, Dr Kufre Sampson, Dr Dusan Milanovic, Dr Aurora Sanz-Torres, Dr Christian Arias


Dr Rebecca Gallagher, Dr David Swienton, Dr Jagrit Shah, Dr Amlyn Evans, Dr Amy Gerrish, Dr Andrew McCarthy, Dr Timothy Taylor, Dr Adam Thomas, Dr Rob Dineen


Dr Simon Paine, Dr Ian Scott, Dr Rob Goldspring, Dr Jill Davis

Nurse Specialists

Stephanie Gardner, Kelly Dawson, Helen McCoubrey, Sadie Boam, Julie Coventry, Louise Buckham


Andy Callaway-Fisk, Lucy Engledow, Aleeza Lall, Shamira Abdulshukkur

​Pituitary Neurosurgery

Pitutiary neurosurgical service in nottingham works  in close collabration with endocrinologists from leicester, derby, nottingham and lincoln. Patients are reviewed in specilist combined clinics and patients with pituitary tumours are discussed and managed by multidisciplinary team involving neurosurgeons, endocrinologists, neuroradiologists, oncologists and rhinologists.

Team Members

Consultant neurosurgeons

Mr Iain Robertson, Mr Graham Dow

Consultant Rhinologists

Mr Anshul Sama, Mr Yujay Ramakrishnan

Consultant Endocrinologists

Dr Page

Spinal Neurosurgery

Nottingham neurosurgical spinal team offers a wide range of service including intradural extra and intramedullary tumours, spinal cord herniation repair, intradural vascular lesions, complex arachnoiditis/syrinx and degenrative spine conditions (lumbar prolapsed disc- sciatica, lumbar canal stenosis, cervical myelo/radiculopathy). There remains a good collabaration with Nottingham spinal unit for complex cases requiring joint procedure for fixation. The management, care and follow up is often discussed in weekly neurooncology MDT and spinal MDT.

Team Members

Mr Matthew Kirkman (co-chair), Mr Barrie White (co-chair), Mr Richard Ashpole, Mr Simon Howarth, Mr Harshal Ingale, Mr Alex Leggate

Trauma Neurosurgery

The neurosurgery department in QMC forms a key part of the East Midlands Major Trauma Centre which is the busiest in the country.

Traumatic brain injuries can happen for a number of reasons such as accidents, falls and assaults.

We offer multi-disciplinary team management of traumatic brain injury patients including specialist therapists and specialist nurses as well as consultants from neurosurgery, intensive care, major trauma, neuro-psychology and neuro-rehabilitation  departments.

This comprehensive personalised approach to neuro-trauma patients, allows tailored care and rehabilitation plans targeted to patients' needs.

All of our patients are followed up by our neuro-trauma specialist nurses following discharge to ensure their physical and psychological recovery is monitored and treated appropriately.

We are excited about working with colleagues at the new National Rehabilitation Centre at Stanford Hall to deliver improved outcomes and better return to functional lives.

Trauma Neurosurgery Team

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Mr Alex Leggate 

Neuro Trauma Specialist nurse 

Grace Everett  

Jeni Mcmorran

Skull Base Neurosurgery

Skull base service works in a multidiscipinary approach in managing these complex pathologies (schwanommas, sqaumous cell carcinoma, , skull base meningiomas, metastasis, glomus tumours, anaesthesioneuroblastomas, congenital skull base defects,chordomas chondromas, chondrosarcomas.). The pathologies are discussed weekly in skull base MDT. The team involves neurosurgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, ENT surgeons, opthalmologists, oncologists and radiologists with special interest in skull base disorders.

Team Members

Consultant Neurosurgeons

Mr Iain Robertson, Mr Graham Dow, Mr Harshal Ingale

Consultant Oncologist

Dr Matt Griffin

Consultant Opthalmologist

Mrs Lorraine Abercombie, Ms Anna Gruener

Consultant neurootologist

Prof Gerry O'donoghue, Ms Priya Achar

Consultant Rhinologist

Prof Anshul Sama, Mr Yujay Ramakrishnan

Consultant Maxillofacial surgeon

Mr Dilip Srinivasan

Consultant Pathologist

Dr Simon Payne

Consultant Neuroradiologists

Dr Jagdish Shah, Dr robert Lenthall, Dr Sujit Nair

Specialist skull base nurse

Helen Mccoubrey

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