The Nottinghamshire Health and Care Portal (NHCP)


What is the NHCP?

At the moment, all health and care providers across Nottinghamshire hold individual paper and electronic records about patients. This may mean that patient information may not be available when and where patients need it to be, and they may end up repeating themselves when treated by different services.

The Nottinghamshire Health and Care Portal, or NHCP is a digital shared record viewing system that is secure and confidential. It contains essential patient/citizen information from the different health and care organisations across Nottinghamshire that  provide our patient/citizens with their health and care services. It can only be accessed by those health and care professionals and personnel who support and provide direct care to our patient/citizens; this means we have the right information, provided to the right health and care staff across Nottinghamshire, at the right time to support the delivery of patient/citizen care. Having a more joined up and coordinated record improves the way information about patients is shared in order to deliver better care and make decisions more effectively.

 It is proving invaluable to staff as is replacing the need for phone calls and or emails between organisations and replacing them with a secure route to the same information.  This is resulting in staff saving time and being able to spend more time focusing on a individuals care.

What information is available in the NHCP at the moment?

Below is what is currently viewable in the NHCP however it doesn’t stop here. Its data is always expanding, with new exciting developments already planned for 2021/2022

Table for NHCP