Sexual assualt

What is consent?

Permission for something to happen or agreeing to do something. Consensual sex means that everyone taking part has agreed to it and knows what is involved.

a-z of consent


What is required for a person to be able to consent to sexual activity?

Full understanding - People need to KNOW what it is they are agreeing to

Time - People need to be given the time to fully assess what they are consenting to

Freedom - A person consenting needs to believe they have the freedom to say no if they want

Capacity - A person needs to have the mental capability of making a decision. This can be affected by drugs and alcohol 

An ongoing process - Checking for consent is not a one-time occurance people engaged in sexual activity will have to continuously check-in for consent (this can be non-verbal by observing body language) 


To give consent a person must understand what they are agreeing to and be able to give their consent freely. If a person is drunk, unconscious on drugs, feels scared or forced the consent they

 give or get doesn't count. Consent has to be given each and every time time a person has sex and can be withdrawn at any point, every person has the right to say “NO or “STOP” at any time.


What is sexual assault?

If someone doesn’t give consent and a person still continues with any sexual activity without permission, this is sexual assault or rape. This includes sexual touching, oral sex, anal and vaginal sex with a penis or with any other object.

If you feel you have been sexually assaulted please contact us - 01159 627 627


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