Research Rapid Response Team

Jack Squires

Jack Squires

Jack Squires

Team Leader, Research Rapid Response Team

Jack Squires is an experienced research nurse with a background in Hepatology.

He qualified as a nurse in 2004 and since then has worked in Neurosurgery and Critical Care departments for two Hospital Trusts. Jack also fulfilled number of leadership and clinical skills/ workforce development roles before entering Clinical Research.

Working alongside the “exceptionally capable and resourceful research professionals” at NUH during COVID-19, Jack was determined to develop ways of providing extra capacity for delivery teams when it is needed most.

“We hope to maximise our successes and build on the sense of common purpose which we have gained from collaborating on such a massive effort,” he said.

Zoe Rose

Zoe Rose

Zoe Rose

Research Nurse

Zoe has been a Clinical Research Nurse for over 12 years, starting in stroke research on a secondment.

She has also worked in a variety of other specialities - Neurology, Liver Disease and Gastroenterology - and during her time in the latter, the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Zoe volunteered to join the NUH DREEAM team to assist them with delivering clinical research to COVID-19 patients. The NUH Core Covid team, which she later joined, recruited hundreds of patients into studies.

“Learning new specialities quickly and adjusting to working in different teams are key components to being successful in this role,” said Zoe. “I love the variety and the challenge this role presents it has given me so much experience and confidence.”

About the Research Rapid Response Team

The Research Rapid Response Team (RRRT) provides fast, flexible support to keep your research study on track.

A multi-skilled team of experienced research nurses, clinical research practitioners and administrative support specialists, the RRRT is designed to give your research an injection of expert resources, at short notice.

You can call on the RRRT when:

  • additional delivery staff (either research nurses or clinical research practitioners) or admin and data entry support can ensure your study is completed on time
  • a short-term resourcing problem is preventing new studies from opening
  • high priority research needs short-term support to mobilise quickly

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