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We recognise that during a busy workday, it is often a low priority to look after ourselves and our minds. By practicing mindfulness and getting into a healthy routine, we can shift this mindset and learn how to become mindful at work, and at home too.

Karen - specialist staff psychological wellbeing and mindfulness practitioner 


Our specialist staff psychological wellbeing and mindfulness practitioner, Karen, delivers many different mindfulness sessions which may be helpful to you.




Why does mindfulness matter?


When we practice mindfulness, we start to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, and how we are reacting to these. Mindfulness isn’t about trying to change these thoughts, it is about recognising them as what they are, and allowing them to come and go, whilst we can remain calm and focus on our breathing.

Mindfulness can often be difficult for some people, especially if they are experiencing low mood or high levels of stress. However, the more we practice mindfulness, the easier it becomes. Mindfulness can also help improve our mental and physical wellbeing.


Take a look at our calendar to see all upcoming mindfulness sessions, and how to sign up to these.

Mindfulness Sessions

Mindfulness Courses-Facilitated by Hub

  • MBCT for Life- 8 week course 
    • Thursdays starting  22nd September 8am-10am


  • MBCT for Depression- 8 week course 
    • Tuesdays starting 6th September 16:00-18:00


  • Introduction to Mindfulness 
    • Tuesdays starting 8th November 16:00-17:00


During this 30-minute drop-in session, participants will be able to take part in a professionally led Mindfulness Session.


  • August 10th from 12-12:30
  • August 17th from 12-12:30
  • September 7th from 12-12:30
  • October 12th from 12-12:30
  • November 2nd from 12-12:30
  • December 14th from 12-12:30


Introduction to Mindfulness

This one-hour session will explain what mindfulness is, how you can use it, and give you an opportunity to try out some short practices.


2-minute Mindfulness for Work

A 30-minute session to help you learn techniques to allow you to be mindful for short periods during the workday.

  • Mindfulness at work – July 20th (session 1: 8:30-9am) & (session 2: 14:30-15:00)
  • August 10th (8:30-9:00 am)
  • October 5th (8:30-9:00am)


Mindfulness for Menopause

This session will guide you through how to be more mindful during your menopause and how to use mindfulness to cope with your symptoms.

Next session: September 7th from 9-10AM


Mindfulness for Life 8 Week Course

For anyone experiencing stress, mild anxiety, or early signs of low mood.

The course offers mindfulness practices and cognitive behavioural exercises that can enhance wellbeing and flourishing. As we cultivate attitudes of interest and friendliness toward all our experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant, we learn skills for keeping our balance through life’s ups and downs. When difficulties arise, we learn to respond skilfully and engage with what is most important to us, opening to moments of joy, contentment, and gratitude.


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy 8 Week Course 

- For anyone experiencing a clinical level of low mood or depression

The 8 week course of 2 hour sessions is for anyone who is experiencing depression and wishes to enhance their general wellbeing through a greater awareness of automatic patterns of thinking. The course combines mindfulness meditation with cognitive – behavioural therapy exercises which enable us to become more aware of our mind and body and begin to dissolve some of our unhelpful habits of thinking such as critical thinking, worry and rumination.


Finding Peace in a Frantic World 6 Week Course

This 6-week course of 1-hour sessions per week is designed to be an easy and accessible way of bringing mindfulness into daily life. This course emphasises not only the importance of managing difficulties such as stress, but also seeks to support a greater degree of wellbeing and flourishing through awareness, self- compassion, and appreciation of frequently overlooked aspects of daily life.

The next dates for this course are: 9th November- 14th December 0900-1000


For more info, and to book your space, contact us at staffwellbeing@nuhnhs.uk

The above Mindfulness courses are also available through the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness, information can be found here:  POSTER nhs-staff-support-mindfulness-health-social-poster.pdf [pdf] 1MB

The upcoming dates through Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness can be found here:  Mindfulness Wellbeing Dates 2022 Table.pdf [pdf] 458KB

What mindfulness sessions are on offer?

Mindful Eating

Have you ever noticed that you eat automatically, not focusing on your food? Do you stop, sit down and savour the flavour or are you rushing around and not paying attention to what you are eating?

In this experiential workshop you will learn a variety of mindfulness techniques including eating with awareness and self-kindness. You will learn to listen to your body’s cues to help guide your decisions surrounding what, when where and how you eat your food. Mindful eating is a transformative approach to help us change our relationship to food which has been shown to contribute to enhanced physical and mental wellbeing. The workshop will be one hour long and facilitated by our UK registered mindfulness teacher.

Next session: September 14th from 8:30-9:30AM


Mindfulness Drop-in

During this 30-minute drop-in session, participants will be able to take part in a professionally led Mindfulness Session.

This session is perfect for those who have done our "Introduction to Mindfulness" or "8-week Mindfulness" Courses, those who practice mindfulness at home, or for those who want to get back into practicing mindfulness.


Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a popular word of late but what is it and how do you do it? People who practice mindfulness regularly have experienced reduced stress, higher levels of resilience and improved job satisfaction. They also report increased motivation, attention, concentration and enhanced creativity and decision-making abilities. This one-hour session, led by our Staff Psychological Wellbeing practitioner, will explain what mindfulness is, how you can use it, and give you an opportunity to try out some short practices.