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We all make decisions about money every day, from small ones like choosing which snack to buy, to bigger decisions like where to find a place to live. Financial wellbeing can be defined as feeling secure and in control of your money, making the most of it in your daily life, dealing with the unanticipated, and heading for a healthy financial future.


Sometimes we can feel our financial wellbeing slipping away. The worry associated with this can have a negative effect on every aspect of our daily lives. The Staff Wellbeing Team is here to support you, whether that be by sourcing practical information on money saving, or offering advice and guidance on financial and mental resilience. We offer a range of resources to help you save, plan and educate yourself to help keep your finances in check. See the lists of support below for further information.


If you have any questions about our finanical wellbeing support available, please email us at

Financial Wellbeing Toolkit

There are a number of support services in place within the Trust, as well as across our region and nationally, yhat are provided by external organisations and charities. To help guide you to what is available, we have developed a toolkit that provides information on some of the services and support that may be helpful to you. 

Financial Wellbeing Support Across NUH

Employee Assistance Programme

Balancing everyday life with the requirements of work and home can create pressures for all of us. Health Assured is delighted to announce that we have partnered with your employer to provide all employees with complimentary access to a new enhanced EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) to assist you in achieving this balance. Health Assured's free 24-Hour telephone number is: 0800 783 2808

Services available:

  • Personal life
  • Health
  • Working life
  • Managing finances

Serve and Protect Credit Union

Save and borrow with repayments from your pay

Serve and Protect Credit Union are a not-for-profit financial organisation, that make it easy for you save with deductions from your pay, whilst being available as an option to borrow from (loans subject to affordability and credit checks).

Not sure what a credit union is?

  • Financial cooperative
    • This means Serve and Protect are owned and run by their members, operating under the ethos of ‘People Helping People’.
  • Exclusive membership
    • Only some people can join Serve and Protect Credit Union. This includes employees of Nottingham University Hospitals.
  • Not-for-profit organisation
    • Profits are shared with members in the form of an annual dividend and reinvested back into the credit union.

Here to help you save, there if you need to borrow

By saving with the credit union, you can play your part to improve the financial resilience of those who serve and protect, including your fellow colleagues!

Start your journey to financial resilience by becoming a member of the Serve and Protect Credit Union today. Learn more via their website below:

Eating on a Budget

Click here  to watch our eating on a budget seminar. 

In this seminar led by our Specialist Staff Wellbeing Dietitian, we will look at key factors to consider in relation to food shopping, meals and planning including considering options that can be more cost effective but still nutritious. There will also be a focus on reducing food waste, which can make a significant difference to our consumer cost, as well as towards the planet.


Recipe Book 

Our Staff Wellbeing Specialist Dietitian has put together a recipe book that is cost efficient and nutritious. Lots of these recipes are suitable for batch cooking to help with meal prep before a busy week at work. To view the book, click below

recipe book.pdf [pdf] 905KB

Self-referral or managers referral to Occupational Health service


We have a team of experienced and fully qualified in-house counsellors based in our service. Our counsellors can provide face-to-face confidential person-centred counselling at either of our locations in Nottingham.

Health and well-being

We can support you to create a positive and healthy working environment and our experienced nurses will help your employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our programmes aim to:

  • Ensure staff ‘know their numbers’ - blood pressure readings, cholesterol, and blood sugar level checks. We provide immediate feedback and straightforward advice to your employees on ways to improve their health.
  • Improve mental wellbeing
  • Change behaviour – such as smoking, alcohol, and substance misuse
  • Increase physical activity
  • Promote healthy eating



Our team is here to support you whatever your background or belief. Your need may be faith specific, or you may simply need someone who has time to listen and help you understand and make sense of what is happening to you.


The Staff Wellbeing Team are here for you.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, the Staff Wellbeing team are here for you throughout. We have seminars on mental health awareness and support, healthy eating, menopause awareness and support, and mindfulness sessions and courses. 

If you would like any information on how to attend these sessions, then please feel free to reach out to us, by contacting us on any of the below.

Financial Wellbeing Support

Ask Lion - Nottingham City Council 

Communications toolkit:   Communications Toolkit Cost of Living Campaign .pdf [pdf] 630KB

Cost of Living booklet:  Cost of Living Booklet 2022.pdf [pdf] 1MB


Citizens Advice

Citizens advice provide free and confidential financial advice on several issues including tax, benefits, debt, discrimination, laws, healthcare and education. 


Notts Help Yourself

The Notts Help Yourself website provides residents of Nottingham with a list of services that are accessible to them. Some are free and can offer advice on several things, including financial help. Visit this web page to find out what financial support you can access in and around Nottingham.


Money saving expert - Financial  calcuators

To make it easier to get a rough idea of how much you'll pay from October, money saving expert have built a new calculator which gives an estimate of your personal increase. They also listed the actual unit rates and standing charges under the cap for each region. There is also a calculator which you can use to check if you are entitled to any benefits.

'Please take note that if you are already receiving benefits please contact an advisor before you take it any further. If you are not currently receiving any benefits then please use the advice given.'


Nottingham City Council Welfare   Rights  Service

  • Resolve any emergency issues i.e. bailiffs, court action
  • If you have at least one priority creditor (eg rent arrears, council tax arrears, court fine) we can advocate on your behalf by contacting your creditors to make repayment arrangements
  • If you have at least one priority creditor we will complete a financial statement to assess your options and provide budgeting advice where appropriate.
  • We can provide you with advice and information to help you decide on your best long term options to resolve your debt problems i.e. Debt relief Orders, Bankruptcy and help you make the applications.

Nottingham City Council have also produced information on help setting a budget, prioritising your bills, check your entitlements to benefits, opening new bank accounts, and ways to reduce your expenditure.


The Company Shop

The company shop is a store where surplus food from supermarkets is redistributed for discounted prices. You need a membership to access this store, which is free to all NHS staff.

The nearest store is Long Eaton, and you must apply for membership for free, and you can take someone with you too. 


The Uniform Project Nottingham

The Uniform Project is helping Parents, Schools, and communities in Nottingham to reduce clothing waste by upcycling school uniforms.

“We achieve this by collecting School uniform donations from schools throughout the year and releasing them back to the community for parents to upcycle and save money at the same time”.

The Unform Project was founded by a Nottingham mum called Emma, is supported by Councillor Audrey Dinnall, the Woven Churches, and St John's Church (Carrington), Himmah and Sharewear to save school uniforms from landfill, helping save the planet.   


ASDA “Just Essentials” Range

Facing the cost-of-living crisis, Asda has released a “just essentials” range. This aims to give consumers the option of purchasing good quality products at a lower price than branded products. This is on top of the 10% blue light card discount.

Prices include:

• Fresh orange juice – 69p

• Bread – 39p

• Baked beans – 25p

• Coffee – 75p

• Apples – 90p


Money help services across Nottingham

Advice Services (help with benefits and debt)

Advice Nottingham services (please see website for opening hours and full details, as each service varies):

  • Bestwood Advice - 0115 962 6519
  • Citizens Advice - 0300 330 5457
  • Clifton Advice - 0115 940 5551
  • Nottingham Law Centre - 0115 978 7813
  • Meadows Advice - 0115 986 0197
  • St Ann’s Advice - 0115 950 6867, or debt 0115 908 1530
  • Age UK Notts (pension-age benefits) - 0115 844 0011

Notts and Lincs Credit Union (for lower cost loans and for saving)


If you are a victim of a Loan Sharks (illegal money lender)

  • Illegal Money Lending Team (national)    
  • To safely report a loan shark: 0300 555 2222 (24/7)  (includes resources to download)

 (training and awareness sessions are available also for staff and community groups)


Affordable Warmth/ Energy

  • Nottingham Energy Partnership - 0115 985 9057


  • Nottingham City Homes


           Web    home/energy-and-sustainability/

  • Fuel debt advice at Bestwood Advice; Nottingham Law Centre; Meadows Advice, St Ann’s Advice. 


Financial Capability and Learning About Money – Websites


Cheap Food projects:


Hygiene/ Period products:

The Hygiene Bank (in city and county)

Salary Finance - Affordable Loans

Through Salary Finance, you have access to the following benefits:

  • Affordable loans repaid through salary - Representative Rate 9.9% APR (fixed)
  • Money Insights including budgeting tips and tools, videos and webinars


To find out more and apply, visit


If you have a product with Neyber, don’t worry - your product will continue to work in the same way but any communications about it will be from Salary Finance. You’ll receive further information about this from Salary Finance, including how to access your new Salary Finance account.

Salary finance information

Important: This is an option, not a recommendation. Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust does not warrant or assess any of the financial products you may be offered, nor do we benefit from offering this service. All your communications and contracting arrangements will be with Salary Finance. Loan applications will be assessed to ensure the loan is appropriate and affordable for you. “Learn” content is for guidance and educational purposes only and is generic in nature. Salary Finance does not offer regulated financial advice. Your use of products is solely at your own risk.

If in doubt, please seek independent financial advice from a registered financial adviser. 


Blue Light Card


• All NHS staff qualify.

• Provides a range of discounts from small and large companies across the UK.

• You can use thousands of discounts online.

• You can use discounts in store too with your card.

• Free app for better accessibility.


• £5 set up fee

Popular Discounts Available:

• ASDA 10%

• NCP parking (pre booking only) 20% Airport parking 10%

• National Express 20%

• Three Mobile £12 sim only plan

• Pure gym 10%

• HP up to 40%



Free until the end of the year

Mindfulness and meditation headspace is offering free three-month  Headspace Plus subscriptions to NHS staff who sign up using their NHS email account (see more info for which accounts are included). It's extended this offer until 31 Dec 2022.

If you've already signed up previously for a free three months, Headspace says you should be able to sign up again.


Too Good To Go

Too good to go is an app that aims to combat food waste. You are able to search by location for restaurant, supermarkets and other local stores that are taking part, and you are able to purchase a ‘magic bag’ for a discounted price. 


• Cheap – sometimes you can get a whole ‘magic bag’ for around £3

• A lot of stores use the app

• Easy and free to download

You can add your favourite places so they are easy to access.

You can turn on notifications to find out when places near you are giving away food


• It can be a bit of a lottery, as you will not know in advance what is in the bag. Places may not always have food to give away, so it isn’t a reliable option and you do have to pay in advance via the app. 

• The food is usually approaching its sell by date on the day that you buy it, however it will still be in good condition. 


Preloved items

Pre loved items


Vinted is an online platform where you can buy or sell second hand clothing. You can list clothing for free at whatever price you would like, and you can also shop safely and securely. It is a free app, that is easy to install on your phone, and you can also access it via the internet.


• No bots – with other second-hand online platforms, it’s difficult to tell if what you’re buying is genuine. This platform is used only by individuals.

• No bidding – you can negotiate a price with the seller, however there are no bidding wars involved with other shoppers! You can also ask the seller a question via a direct message

Bundles – if you buy more than one thing from the seller’s page, you can usually get a good discount on the whole order.

• Buyer protection – Raise a dispute via the team if anything goes wrong.


• Some sellers may take a bit longer to post your items.



Like Vinted, Depop is an online platform where individuals can list their clothes for other people to buy. 

Facebook Marketplace   

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find preloved clothing and furniture that is being sold in your area. You can choose to collect it, or the individual who is selling may deliver it to you.


  • Free to set up and use alongside your Facebook account. 
  • Toggle the location and other filters


  • You do have to create a Facebook account to use this.