Children's stories

We are very grateful to all the families who shared their stories and to parents and carers who explained so well how cochlear implants have helped their children. We hope that you find their experiences useful.

If you have any questions after watching these video clips, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Aadil's story

Aadil received a cochlear implant at 6 years old after his hearing gradually deteriorated to the point that hearing aids were no longer beneficial. Aadil lives in a bilingual environment.


Natalia and Adam's story

Natalia and Adam are siblings, both born with a profound hearing loss due to the connexin 26 gene mutation. Polish is their main language at home.


Alex's story

This video describes the story of baby Alex, who was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss soon after birth.


Holly's story

Holly was deafened by meningitis when she was a baby. Her mother describes their journey and Holly talks about her love of music.



Hugh's story

Hugh was born prematurely and is a twin. He has complex learning and health issues in addition to his deafness. His mum explains the benefit Hugh obtains from his cochlear implant.



James's story

James has Waardenburg's syndrome and both his parents are deaf. Mum also has Waardenburg' and explains, with her parents, the decision to go forward with cochlear implants for James.




Jaspinder's story

Jaspinder was implanted at the age of 2 and lives in a bilingual home. His mother explains his progress since his operation.



Rowan's story

Rowan was one of twins born prematurely. He was diagnosed with profound deafness and received a cochlear implant. He has since been diagnosed with autism. His mum explains the progress Rowan has made since having his implant.