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Teens and Young Adults

          Picture of young person, Lillie. Above her are thought bubbles each of which contain questions about using technology and phones, getting support in further education and jobs and help with communication.

Welcome to this page for young people! Moving into adulthood means that you will experience new challenges in your life. You will leave school and go on to further education or start a job. We are sure you will have lots of questions about this, just like Lillie (above), who is one of our young patients with cochlear implants.

Check out the answers to her questions here

Below you will find information to guide you through the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme (NAIP) transition process as you move through from our child services to our adult services.

Please note that the process outlined below is UNDER REVIEW at the moment

What will happen when I turn 15?

Picture of a flyer with young person in centre with website and twitter addresses At 15 many things in your life will start to change and there will be choices and decisions to make for your future plans. You may be thinking about leaving school to go on to further education, or about starting work. We will send you this flyer directing you to our webpage which is full of information, video clips, links and resources to support future decisions and choices.



At what age will I move to adult services?

At the moment, when you are 19 you will move over to our adult services. If this changes in the future we will let you know.

Will I get more information about this transition?

Picture of NAIP leaflet 'Moving on from children's to adults' cochlear implant care' with picture of Ropewalk house on the front We want to support and inform you about changes that will take place as your cochlear implant care transfers from our children’s service to our adult service. You will receive a leaflet which tells you about these changes and answers any questions you might have.




What does moving to the adult service mean for me?

As a child your appointments have been with staff from our child services on the first floor. At the moment, when you are 19, your appointments will be with our adult service on the ground floor. The appointments will feel very similar to those you have already been having.

As a young adult you are expected to take more responsibility for your sound processor/s and accessories and become more independent in maintaining and caring for your equipment. With support and advice you will also gradually become more independent in planning and attending your appointments.

Our adult service will continue to maintain your existing sound processor(s), which remain on loan, free from the National Health Service (NHS). However, you should ensure that you secure your processor(s) in place and keep it/them safe, and be aware of our lost, damaged or failed to return processor policy. There will be a penalty for replacement should you lose, misuse or damage them beyond repair.

Where do I go for my appointments when I am 19?

Adult services are in the same building (Ropewalk House) as the child services you have been going to, but on the ground floor.

                         Photo of Ropewalk House front entrance

Please go to Nottingham Audiology Services reception on the ground floor when you come for your appointments.

   Photo of entrance to Nottingham Audiology Services   Photo of Adult Services reception with member of staff behind counter

Meet our transitions team

               Photos of the three members of the NAIP transitions team: Carina Allan, Donna Emery and Angela Maxwell

We are here to help things go smoothly for you as you transfer from our children’s service to our adult service. Carina Allan, Audiologist, is the key worker at NAIP for all young people aged between 19 and 21.