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Adult stories

We are very grateful to all those who shared their stories and explained so powerfully how cochlear implants have affected their lives. We hope you find their experiences useful, particularly if you or someone you know is thinking about having a cochlear implant.

If you have any questions after watching these video clips, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Alan's story

Alan was a teacher but had to retire early due to a deterioration in his hearing. He describes how he has adjusted to his implant and the difference it has made to his quality of life.


David's story

David has both hearing and visual difficulties. He works in further education and recently received his cochlear implant following periods of severe tinnitus, balance problems and sudden hearing loss.


Hannah's story

Hannah has been profoundly deaf since birth and now in her twenties has recently received a cochlear implant. We see her at work as a specialist teaching assistant with children.


Karen's story

Karen's hearing has gradually got worse since childhood. Karen and her husband talk about their quality of life since she received her implant.



Lisa's story

Lisa has been profoundly deaf from birth and uses BSL and sign supported English to communicate. She describes the difference the cochlear implant has made since receiving it 3 years ago.



Mustafa's story

Mustafa works as a chef. He has been profoundly deaf since birth in his left ear and and his right ear has gradually become worse. His main language is Gujarati.



Penny's story

Penny has been diagnosed with Pendred's syndrome. Her hearing has suddenly deteriorated and she has recently received a second implant.


Cochlear implants after long term deafness

Patients who have experienced long-term deafness will benefit in different ways from those who have recently lost their hearing and from children who have cochlear implants early in their life.

We have produced some leaflets which record some of the experiences of adult cochlear implant patients who have been deaf for a long time:

Early experiences of long term deaf adults (full)

The video clips below show a range of different patient experiences but all had their cochlear implant after long-term deafness.

Afirah's story

Afirah was born profoundly deaf and uses BSL. She did not get much help from hearing aids. She explains why she decided to have a cochlear implant and describes her experience over the 5 years since she was implanted.


Alwyne's story

Alwyne has had his cochlear implant for about a year but before that he wore hearing aids for most of his life. He and his friend Zoe talk about the sounds that he can hear now, that he could not hear with his hearing aids.


Ann-Marie's story

Ann-Marie has always had a hearing loss but experienced a drop in hearing in her early adult life. She has had her cochlear implant for 3½ years. She uses both spoken English and BSL and teaches BSL in a college. She describes talking to her family about making the decision to have a cochlear implant.