Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes delivered more than 30,000 samples and blood units for NUH in 2018

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes Charity delivered almost 30,000 products for Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) resulting in a total saving of £14,953 for the Trust in 2018.

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes is a charity run entirely by unpaid volunteers and they provide an out-of-hours emergency transport service to the NHS, delivering blood units, samples and other urgent medical items between hospitals in and around Nottinghamshire.

In December alone, the Blood Bikes Charity travelled a record breaking 3,921 miles on 94 jobs, making a total saving of £2,213 for NUH. Operating from 7pm to 6am Monday to Friday, the highly-trained volunteers ensure much needed blood unit supplies are delivered between hospitals especially in emergency situations.

Jilean Bowskill, Pathology General Manager, said: “Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes have been providing an excellent service to NUH by delivering large amounts of samples for Pathology. They have travelled an impressive 9,199 miles with samples on board, in 2018.

“This service ensures that important samples, blood units and emergency required blood can be delivered out of hours in an efficient and timely way. We would like to thank Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes for their work and the service they provide to support the care for our patients, out of hours and during emergency needs.”