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The department of Cellular Pathology has Surgical Laboratories on both campuses at NUH Trust. Diagnostic services are provided on tissue and fluid samples at the request of a clinician, GP or private healthcare sector to in-patients, out-patients and the community. The laboratory also processes specimens referred from other NHS hospitals.

The department receives approximately 66,000 surgical histology requests and 4,000 non-gynae cytology samples each year.

The laboratory performs a range of tests on tissues and fluid samples taken from a patient to detect and diagnose disease, monitor disease progression or response to treatment.

The NUH Cellular Pathology Department is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory, No. 8162.

For information about tests that are covered in this scope please refer to the UKAS website https://www.ukas.com/search-accredited-organisations/


Within the Cellular Pathology department there are multiple request cards that are in use, if you are unsure of which request card is needed please use the following link.

- Cellular Pathology Request Card Guide

Due to the nature of the samples handled within Cellular Pathology, it is important that any High Risk information is clearly labled on the requests cards, highlighting the risk and using the yellow danger of infection stickers Yellow Label saying Danger of Infection on the request card and the sample. the following links are for the departmental documents for handling high risk specimens

PL214 NUH Pathology Policy for the Receipt Handling and Disposal of High RIsk Specimens.doc [doc] 275KB

PR1977 NUH Cell Path CJD Handling Laboratory Protocol.doc [doc] 354KB

For More Information on what specific departments can do please click the following links:

- Histology

- Non-Cervical Cytology

- Translational Research

- Specialist Laboratory


For more information feel free to look at our handbooks, the links are provided below.

To View Our Cellular Pathology Handbook. Please Click here

  To View Our Cellular Pathology HMDN Booklet, Please Click Here