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Clinical Genetics

The Genetics Department at City Hospital is the Regional Genetics Centre for the majority of the Trent region (a population of around 2.2 million). We cover Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and North Leicestershire. We are based in Nottingham but our team also runs clinics in Mansfield, Grantham, Boston, Lincoln, Spalding, Skegness and Derby.

Hereditary diseases are often rare and affected families require specialist advice and services. We offer a full diagnostic, genetic counselling, and genetic testing service to individuals and families affected with all genetic disorders affecting all ages. We help people to find out if they are at particular risk of genetic disorders and provide people with information about genetic disorders so that they can make informed choices about their future.

We can offer both urgent and routine consultations as well as a long term follow up service for certain genetic conditions. Our team of doctors, genetic counsellors and scientists work closely together to provide patients with the information and support they need, especially at particularly stressful times in life. We also work closely with a wide variety of medical specialities to provide joint clinics and specialist services for particular genetic disorders. We offer a wide variety of genetic testing: diagnostic, predictive, carrier testing and prenatal testing with the appropriate genetic counselling.