Our people

There are so many reasons why NUH is a great place to work, but the main one is probably the people.

We're lucky to have thousands of passionate, dedicated colleagues who are committed to providing great care for our patients.

They are a diverse bunch too, from a variety of backgrounds and doing a wide range of jobs and roles, all making vital contributions to delivering high quality patient care.

Here are just a few of the faces that make NUH what it is.

Charlotte Goedvolk (Paediatric Consultant)

Charlotte Goedvolk has worked at NUH for the past two years as a Consultant on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. You may have seen her featured in Episode Four of ‘Hospital’. Charlotte Goedvolk

For Charlotte, the team work and focus on patient safety make NUH a great place to work:

“I really enjoy working at NUH. I work in a fantastic team that has great links across the Trust. People are justifiably proud of what they are doing and a lot is being done to make this a really positive place to work.

“One of the things that attracted me to NUH was the reputation of the patient safety work done within the trust. I work with the trust Patient Safety team on the ‘Learning from Excellence’ project and love the enthusiasm there is to improve safety and care.

“The best thing about my job is the contact with patients, families and colleagues. Admitting a really sick child, working together with the team to stabilise them and then seeing them get better and leave the unit is amazing.

“I know we make a difference with what we do, and getting a Christmas card from a family whose child you looked after more than a year ago shows me that it’s not just patients and families making a lasting impression on me, but occasionally also the other way around.

“I have been most proud of the fact that our team got shortlisted for ‘Team of the Year’ in the NUH honours in 2016. The recognition of our team work was amazing.”

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Patrick Davies (Paediatric Consultant)

Picture of Patrick Davies Patrick Davies, Paediatric Consultant.

“It’s a brilliant place to work. It is the best team in the world.

“I’m always happy coming to work. It is hard and it is challenging. We do the most amazing medicine with the sickest patients and helping them brings us together as a team.

“It is just the right size. We are big enough to have the right level of complexity to keep our work challenging and interesting, but we’re also small enough to know each other well and come together as a team and that helps as professionals and as people.

“The camaraderie is great amongst all the staff. The atmosphere is brilliant. But you have to trust one another when things get critical. You have to trust and know that they are going to do the right thing at the right time, and I do.

“We are lucky to be able to help children at the greatest risk and that is really gratifying. We work really closely with parents – they believe in you.

“Families always come back to visit us and it is always very special for us. The feedback is incredible. I’m often stopped in the street and we get thank you cards all the time which are always emotional.

“Our outcomes are very good. Every life is important and death hits us hard but we are able to save 97% of those we care for. We see children who are incredibly sick and you think that they can’t possibly survive. But they do. It is a fantastic thing to see, experience and be part of.”

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Dilip Srinivasan (Maxillofacial Consultant Surgeon)

Picture of Dilip Srinivasan Dilip Srinivan, Maxillofacial Consultant Surgeon, has worked at NUH for nine years. Here’s what he had to say:

“There’s always new challenges, everyday. Everyone is here to help – that’s what makes us tick. Everyday there’s always some excitement that you hadn’t expected. That is a great challenge, that is fantastic. No two days are the same.

“Our work is important because your face is something that people can see all the time, you cannot hide it, it can have such an impact on someone’s life. We serve a wide range of patients, from trauma, people with cancer, children born with clef palettes – it’s a wide variety.

“I have a fantastic team around me – nurse specialists, anaesthetists, other surgeons. It’s a great team.

“We are really supportive of training. We are always investing in training and developing our staff and we’re currently supporting some of the nursing team to be advanced therapists. We hope by doing that we will see the benefits for patients. We are also making sure that our dental nurses have career development plans. A lot has happened in the last two years. Staff appreciate it.

“If you want to work somewhere where you wake up and want to go to work everyday and work with a great team where you are challenged and supported in your role then you should give us a try.”

Dilip has lived in Nottingham for 20 years and believes it’s a great place.

He said: “I chose to come here because I really love Nottingham. I think it has a great balance – it has a lot of the benefits of a big city but it's small enough to stop you feeling lost.

“You can get on the train and go to London to watch shows, there’s great night life, there’s a lot of things for children and families to do, it has great sport – it has a lot to offer.”

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Julian McGlashan (Head and Neck Consultant)

Picture of Julian Glashan Julian McGlashan, a Head and Neck Consultant, on why he believes a surgery career at NUH is the right choice:

“It is an expanding department. We are a busy regional centre and we’re going to be expanding further. It’s an exciting time.

“We want people who are going to be at the cutting edge of service provision. We have got a great team, it is a young department, it is forward thinking and what’s more there’s a real desire to be at the forefront of service provision for our patients.

“With the consultant jobs we are offering I don’t know where someone would find a better opportunity. We have had investment in new equipment – we’re one of the best equipped facilities in the UK.”

More than half a million pound has been invested in new equipment - £200,000 last year and a further £300,000 in the next.

Julian says the investment from the Trust goes further than just new equipment.

“We have got great support from managers. We are looking at innovative ways of working that will support staff. We’re looking to support consultants to do the jobs that they need to do, that they are in the operating room more and providing support to help them do that and use their skills where they can make the biggest difference.

“We are going to be providing more mentorship and joint working which we think is really important for new consultants to feel supported."

“We have good opportunities with access to research facilities. If someone is really interested in an area they are encouraged to develop that and we support teaching and research with the university and our strong links with the new £24m Biomedical Research Centre.”

New faces are due to join the team in the but the service is still keen to recruit more consultants to support the development of the service.

Julian added: “We have got a good reputation for our work. It’s a great team that we work with.”

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Marc Cole (Deputy Charge Nurse)

Picture of Marc Cole Marc Cole, Deputy Charge Nurse, joined ‘Team NUH’ in 2011 having previously run a pub.

Here’s what he had to say about life at NUH:

“It is a difficult job but having that team with you makes a difference because we know we’re all in it together. We’re a really close team and that makes a massive difference.

“It can be quite demanding but it is also really rewarding. Sometimes it’s just about holding someone’s hand and making them feel like they are the only patient in the hospital

“I love the ward. I had no care experience when I first came on as a student nurse but I enjoyed it that much it was the only place I wanted to work.

“I’ve been told I’m really passionate about patients and that it rubs off on others working with us on the ward and they get passionate about it too. I think that’s what brings a lot of students back to work with us.

“I enjoy supporting and working with new staff – I want them to have the same experience I did.

“We get really good feedback from patients and families. We helped one lady get home for Christmas day as we knew it would be her last. The family sent in a card just to thank us for making that their lasting memory of her.

“We always want to go above and beyond.

“My team just inspire me. It’s brilliant working at NUH. I bounce out of bed in the morning and can’t wait to get to work. I love the place.”

“I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

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Kunal Gohil (Senior Clinical Pharmacist)

Picture of Kunal Gohil Kunal Gohil, Senior Clinical Pharmacist, believes that NUH offers countless opportunities for a successful career. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“I was very impressed when I came here. I asked someone when I was in London should I go for the interview and someone said ‘absolutely yes’ and I’ve never regretted it since.

 “The quality of the staff here is so high. We are very engrained to the MDT and it gives you great scope to work with others to develop your skill set and take responsibility for patient care.

“We have a lot of pharmacists at this Trust and it means the workload is kept relatively management. It means you can have the time to go into depth and offer quality advisement to doctors and patients into their care.

“The Trust is very keen to get innovate roles in place. There’s lots of innovative roles across the Trust for pharmacists in a variety of different areas. We’re moving into far more enhanced roles than a traditional pharmacist would usually be doing.

“We have a very good education and training department. You will be given the opportunely to grow and develop in your role. The department is very supportive.”

Kunal believes the size and variety of opportunities at NUH makes it a good choice at any point in a career:

“NUH has got a variety of different specialties, most that you can think of NUH offers. There is effectively an opportunity for any specialist area of medicine that you can think of.

“It is a challenging role. But working with the multi-disciplinary team we work very well for patients.

“It’s a big trust, big vision, there are excellent professionals that work here and it’s a great place for your career.”

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Dominic Garbett (Radiographer)

Picture of Dominic Garbett Dominic Garbett, Radiographer, says the wealth of experience and support makes NUH a great choice for a career in radiography. He said:

“It’s been really good. I really enjoy working with the team. Everyone is there to help you. Everyone is there if you’ve got a problem.

“I really enjoy the varied amount of patients we see. Every day is different. You can be working in ED doing a major trauma, then going up to theatre and it can be so that you see the progression of patients. You see patients throughout their journey. You can even see them three months down the line in outpatients, getting better – it’s really good.

“When I was in placement it was a district hospital and we didn’t have the major trauma opportunities that we have here, so that’s a big reason for me.

“A few people also came to my hospital who had worked at NUH before and said it was a really good place to start because you gain the skills you need.

“We have an induction and preceptor programme here - you don’t get thrown in at the deep end. You go through the induction process of each part of where you’re going to be working. You go into interventional, theatre, into ED and over to City so you’re getting the skills you need to work efficiently and effectively. You have a preceptor throughout your time and they are always around if you have questions you can always go to them.”

Dominic said Nottingham also has a lot to offer:

“I enjoy Nottingham. It’s really good here. There’s so much to do in Nottingham. I think my favourite is crazy golf! There’s loads to do entertainment wise, lots of pubs and nightclubs. You can walk down the canal, lots of little parks, Sherwood Forest – there’s everything.”

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Sharon-Anne Foster (Clinical Microbiology and Virology)

Picture of Sharon-Anne Foster Sharon-Anne Foster, Deputy Service and Quality Manager in Clinical Microbiology and Virology, has been with NUH for two decades and believes it’s a great place to work.

She said: “I came in as a trainee and did all my training on the job over the last 20 years. I have been given the support to get on the job experience and to get qualifications. I have learned a lot. There’s been great support from the Trust to do that with mentorship and other help.

“I like the variation pathology at NUH brings. We are a big organisation and pathology is quite a big service behind the scenes. Not a lot of our work is seen on the frontline but we know we’re contributing to patient care.”

Sharon has worked in a number of roles in the department, including histopathology, the study of diseased tissue and an important part of diagnosing and treating cancer.

She said: “Histopathology is really interesting. It is quite challenging. It’s important to deliver the work quickly to support that care and treatment. We are an important part of the cancer pathway and it is important we work well with other parts of the Trust to help deliver positive outcomes.”

Sharon said she was proud to work with the pathology service at NUH and be part of its ongoing development which has recently included UKAS accreditation.

She said: “The team are really proactive. They are open to new ideas and committed to improving the service. They are quite patient driven. There’s lots of ideas and engagement from the team. We have a strong improvement culture which makes everything easier.

“The Trust is also really innovative and always looking for new ideas to make patient experience better. It is a really great place to work.

“For me, my reason for choosing NUH has got to be the service that the Pathology Team gives to support care and feeling really proud to be part of an organisation that is nationally recognised.”

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Professor S Madhusudan (Head of Service Oncology)

Picture of Professor S Madhusudan Professor S Madhusudan, Professor of Medical Oncology and Head of Service for Oncology has been at NUH for 11 years. Here’s his thoughts on working at NUH:

“Although cancer is a challenging disease, the opportunity to provide compassionate care and improve lives of patients with cancer and their families is extremely rewarding.

 “The cancer centre based at City Hospital is one of the largest in the country and provides comprehensive tertiary cancer care for patients in Nottingham and the wider Nottinghamshire area. We see around 4,800 new patients each year and currently have about 36,000 cancer patients in follow-up.

“Our patient experience is good and we have a very positive feedback. Our waiting times are improving – for cancer chemotherapy the waiting time is currently less than a week. We have a state-of-the-art radiotherapy centre that delivers cutting edge radiotherapy services for patients with cancer. Our Teenage Cancer Unit provides a very supportive environment for young persons with cancer. We have a friendly multi-disciplinary team of 23 consultants, nurses, nurse specialists and advanced chemotherapy practitioners.

“We have a national and international reputation for cancer clinical trials. Nottingham Cancer Clinical trials unit, one of the largest in the country, offers patients excellent opportunities to participate in a wide range of clinical trials that allow access to new treatments of the future.

“It is a really exciting time for cancer at NUH and the University of Nottingham. There are several new initiatives such as expanding our clinical trial infrastructure including a new transformational phase 1 cancer clinical trials unit currently under development. The University of Nottingham has recently established a new Breast Cancer Research Centre bringing together clinicians and researchers to fight this disease as well as a new Centre for Cancer Studies at the University Campus.

“Living in Nottingham, the quality of life is definitely better. We’re centrally located and nothing is too far away. It is very affordable, schooling is excellent and you get to work in one of the top University Hospitals in the country.”

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