Evoked Potentials Clinic (Electrodiagnostics)

The Evoked Potentials (EP) / Electrodiagnostics Clinic section of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering provides a wide range of specialised patient investigations to assist with the diagnosis of disorders affecting hearing, balance and vision. Patients are referred to the clinic from a wide range of directorates and centres, including  Ophthalmology, ENT, Nottingham Cochlear Implant Programme (NCIP) and the Nottingham Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP) and also from other hospitals outside Nottingham. It is in these specific areas that service development and research are mainly directed. An example of the development of an investigation, which now forms part of our diagnostic test battery, is the multi-focal technique for performing electroretinography and visual evoked potential investigations.

Visual investigations

  • Electroretinography (ERG) - Flash/Pattern/S-Cone/On-Off
  • Electro-oculography (EOG)
  • Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP) - Reversal/Onset/Flash
  • Multifocal Electroretinography (mfERG)
  • Multifocal Visual Evoked Potentials (mfVEP)


Auditory investigations

  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR) - threshold/neurological/screening
  • Evoked otoacoustic emissions (OAE)
  • Electrocochleography (ECochG)
  • Auditory cortical response (ACR)
  • Cochlear implant related tests (CI)
  • Vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP)

Contact us

Clinic Reception and Appointments

The normal clinic opening times are 8.30am to 4.30pm.

There is an answer phone and fax machine for out of hours communications.

Tel: 0115 9709266 or 0115 9249924 Ext: 83382

Fax: 0115 8754603

Email: epclinic@nuh.nhs.uk


Prof. Chris Degg, Head of Electrodiagnostics

Tel: 0115 9249924 Ext: 83382

Email: Christopher.Degg@nuh.nhs.uk


Mrs Beverley Holland, Chief Technologist

Tel: 0115 9249924 Ext: 83382

Email: epclinic@nuh.nhs.uk

Find us

The Evoked Potentials Clinic is based in Queens Medical Centre on B floor (Room B126), this is in the Medical School Block.

Please use this link to view and download maps of our sites. 

Car parking


Parking in Car Park 3 provides the easiest access to the Evoked Potentials Clinic  although Car Park 1 can be used.

If using car park 3, walk out of the car park and follow the footpath to the right towards the TRAM STOP. Once at the tram stop take the stairs or lift to the link bridge to enter the hospital.

If using car park 1 enter the hospital using the East Block entrance and make your way to the clinic via the Main Entrance on B Floor.


Public transport

Please click here to find out more information.

Patient Information Leaflets

To access our leaflets please use the link attached below:


The University of Bradford have produced an animated information video to help explain what to expect on your visit to the Electrodiaginostics clinic. Although primarily aimed at children, we feel it gives a good explanation for everyone of the visual tests we provide.  


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