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It has been well documented that teenagers and young people have the right to be involved with issues that affect them. Here in the Cancer & Associated Specialities (CAS) division, we have set up a Youth Forum to open up decision making and work collaboratively with young people to enable them to have their say on how Nottingham University Hospitals should improve and develop its services.

NHS England recommends that health services for young people are informed by a Youth Forum. In order to enable better use of resources by providing services that young people want, bringing new perspectives and solutions to the conversation, and helping teenagers young adults to develop their own new skills and knowledge that they can use to boost their confidence and provide young people with opportunities and experiences that they can use to enhance their career and life opportunities.  

In the CAS division, we see and treat many teenagers and young people across the specialities.  However, there has not been the opportunity to involve young people in the designing of services. From our existing work with teenagers and young adults, it is obvious that young people have broad and positive ideas when it comes to making changes and as a Division, we wanted to help them raise their voices and actively involve them in planning, decision and subsequent evaluation.  

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Bridging the gap

A team of staff within the CAS Division have set up a Youth Forum made up of teenagers and young people aged between 16 - 27 years. 

Together, the teenagers, young people and staff will provide input to research, service development and improvement, evaluation, patient experience, staff training and the development of information material.

We wanted to create a Youth Forum to give our teenagers and young adults meaningful opportunities to influence decision-making. The Youth Forum has strong links to the management team within the Division and on each monthly meeting, a member of the management team will join the meeting and provide feedback to the young people and also work with the young people in setting the hospital agenda. 

The potential

A Youth Forum will provide a way to ensure that the views of teenagers and young people shape the design, delivery and evaluation of Nottingham University Hospital services. 


The CAS Youth Forum works in partnership in with NUH Youth Service. It has links to the NHS England Youth Forum and members can work and speak into national projects set by NHS England. The CAS Youth Forum is a member of the British Youth Council allowing for your volunteering to be rewarded by getting different levelled nationally recognised awards, they also deliver training that will be provided for free to members.  AQA accreditation is also available for members to reward you for your input and time.  As a member, you will be a hospital Youth Ambassador and able to put us down as a reference for future employment or university applications. 

Get involved

Calling all present and past CAS patients aged 16 - 27. We need your help to improve services for other young people and their families at NUH.

Join the CAS Youth Forum to make a difference and have your say.

Email: for an application form and more information.

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