Walk to work

Considering making your commute part of your daily workout? We actively encourage staff to walk, run or cycle to work!

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, save money, lose weight and become healthier.

NUH has three campuses located in easily accessible location for walkers, with the following locations being roughly a 20-30 minute walk:

  • Ropewalk                                                                City Hospital                                                   QMC
    • Lace market                                                  Old Basford                                                      Dunkirk
    • Hockley                                                           New Basford                                                   Wollaton Park
    • The Park                                                         Arnold                                                                 Lenton
    • Sneinton                                                         Bestwood Park Estate                                  The Park 
    • Radford                                                           Mapperly Park                                                University of Nottingham 
    • Lenton                                                             Mapperly                                                           Beeston* 
    • Nottingham City                                         Woodthorpe
    • Nottingham Trent University                    Daybrook                                                       

            You can download our walk maps to get ideas of walks around each campus or how to commute by foot from home or from the park and ride sites.

Before you start:

If you're walking to work, you could wear your usual work clothes with a comfy pair of shoes and change shoes when you get into work.

Make sure you wear any shoes or trainers that are comfortable, provide adequate support and do not cause blisters.

For long walks, you may want to take some water, healthy snacks, and a spare top. In the summer pack sunscreen and a sun hat in a small backpack.

If you are going to walk during winter make sure you wear warm clothes and shoes with good grip. Beware of icy conditions at all times.


Kinto Join

Kinto Join is a mobile application that empowers organisations to improve the commuting experience of its community members in a way that is kinder to the environment and allows you to earn rewards along the way.

When walking to and from work, you are able to track the distance you travel to work. By doing this you can help reduce your carbon footprint and earn discount and rewards. This will be available in the next update on Kinto Join coming soon!!

For infomation on how to download the app, click here


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