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If you need medical care or advice that is urgent but not an immediate, genuine emergency, please visit https://111.nhs.uk/ or call 111 first so trained NHS 111 advisors can tell you the best place to be seen quickly.

Please remember there is also the Urgent Treatment Centre at Seaton House, NG2 4LA.

Bus travel

Trent Barton, Nottingham City Transport and yourbus have excellent connections to QMC and City Hospital from all parts of the region, with many services stopping right outside each campus. You can apply for a bus pass discount offered by any of these operators. 

All our unlimited- use travel tickets can be used in the evenings and on weekends.

You can also consider applying for a Robin Hood Card if your travel needs are within the agreed travel boundary, giving you access around the clock to trams and buses (NCT, yourbus and Trent Barton) in Nottingham. 

All tickets are paid directly through salary deduction. 

For more information, or for help if you are unsure which bus pass you should apply for, email travel@nuh.nhs.uk. We are also offering the opportunity for all new Trust starters to receive a free, personalised travel plan detailing all available commuting options from door to door. Email for more information.


Click below to view all discounted passes, and click here to apply to the scheme.

Bus discounts

Trent Barton

  • TB Super Commuter - 12 months - Nottingham A - £625 (£52.10 per month)

  • TB Super Commuter - 12 months - Nottingham A +B - £890 (£74.17 per month)

  • TB Super Commuter - 12 months - Nottingham A+B+C - £995 (£82.92 per month)

  • TB Super Commuter - 12 months - Trent Barton Land - £1175 (£97.92 per month)

  • TB Super Commuter - 12 months - TheThrees - £595 (£49.59 per month)

Click here to see Trent Barton's Zone Map


Nottingham City Transport

  • Easy Rider Everyday - £540 (£45.00 per month)
  • Easy Rider Everyday Further - £814.92 (£67.91 per month)

NCT website


Robin Hood Card

  • Robin Hood Card - £600 (£50 per month)

A Robin Hood Card Annual pass allows unlimited travel on most buses, trams and trains within the Robin Hood Card boundary which covers the Greater Nottingham area, including the tram to Hucknall - click here for more information on the Robin Hood Card



  • annual city saver - £360 (£30 per month)
  • annual city plus saver - £540 (£45 per month)
  • annual network saver - £690 (£57.50 per month)

yourbus website


Ensure you check out the provider's websites if you are unsure which pass you require.

Click here to apply to the scheme.

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