Strategy for Research & Innovation at NUH

People First plan

Our strategic aims for developing research are included as part of the NUH People First plan.

The aims within People First are our focus for the three years from 2023-26 and will enable us to achieve the ambition we have to be an outstanding centre for clinical research and innovation.

Ten-year strategy

Our plans for the development of clinical research and innovation at NUH form part of the Team NUH strategy (2018-2028).

Our research contributes to maximising the Potential of NUH. As part of the Strategy our commitment is to: 

  • deliver and develop world-class research into the highest priority health needs of our patients and communities
  • provide opportunities for high quality training and education for the research workforce and 
  • ensure that we impact directly on transforming the health of our patients and communities through innovation.


We report on our progress each year, through our Research & Innovation annual report.

How we did in 2019-20

How we did in 2018-19

We have summarised the key numbers from our performance in 2018/19. View or download to see the details.

2018:19 in numbers.pdf[pdf] 49KB