Research and Clinical Trials

The Nottingham Cancer Clinical Trials Team (NCCTT), helps patients take part in cancer clinical trials within Nottinghamshire. It is part of a wider network, called the National Institute for Health Research - Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN). The network covers 15 different geographical areas, with Nottingham falling into the East Midlands.

The NCCTT has five groups specialising in different types of cancer:

  • Group 1 – breast, gynaecological, and head and neck cancer
  • Group 2 – upper gastrointestinal, lower gastrointestinal and endocrine cancer
  • Group 3 – urological, bone and soft tissue, brain and skin cancer
  • Group 4 – all cancers at King’s Mill Hospital
  • Group 5 – haematological (blood) cancer.


Treatments offered by the NCCT Team:

The team has its own research treatment area where our highly skilled team administers new and established chemotherapy regimes, novel therapies (which target only the cancer cells), monoclonal antibodies (a type of biological therapy) and small molecule therapies (targeted therapies) along with different classes of genetically modified organisms and vaccines for many of our trial patients.

Trial treatments are also given in the chemotherapy day case suite, the haematology day case suite or on one of our specialised oncology/haematology wards, depending on the nature of the drugs involved.

Our team also organises treatment with radiopharmaceutical products (radioactive drugs), surgery and radiotherapy treatments and any other treatment and investigations covered within the cancer clinical trials that we’re involved in.

For more information contact Sarah Fleet, NCTT Manager 

Tel: 0115 969 1169
Ext: 54684