Photo of the entrance to Nottingham Radiotherapy Centre

Radiotherapy Services

We have an outstanding Radiotherapy Service at City Hospital. Our multi-disciplinary team of clinical oncologists, medical physicists and therapeutic radiographers are trained to the highest level and aim to provide a radiotherapy treatment that equals the best national and international standards.

Our NHS and private patients are consistently treated with the best up-to-date technology and are seen promptly within the department.


Cancer types

We know that radiotherapy can be a highly-effective treatment for cancer. Radiotherapy at City Hospital is used to treat a wide variety of cancer such as breast cancer, head and neck cancer and prostate cancer. Sometimes radiotherapy may be given in combination with surgery or chemotherapy. Your clinical oncologist will discuss radiotherapy with you if they recommend it as part of your cancer treatment.

Our radiotherapy department also is a specialist centre for some of the rarer cancers such as children's cancer, sarcomas and for total skin radiotherapy.


Personalised treatment

Every radiotherapy treatment is customised for the individual. The decision whether to use radiotherapy and which type to use is made on a patient-by-patient basis by your clinical oncologist. Different tumour types respond to radiotherapy in different ways so all patients require an individualised treatment plan.


Types of radiotherapy we offer

Radiotherapy is a highly specialist treatment that allows us to target tumours with accurate doses of radiation. We offer some of the most technologically advanced radiotherapy machines that are available nationally or internationally. The greater accuracy of these machines means that fewer healthy cells are damaged, which in turn means that stronger doses can be given, making treatment more effective.

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