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Nottingham is the home of world-leading clinicians and academics carrying out important clinical research in areas such as respiratory diseases, hearing, musculoskeletal diseases, gastrointestinal and liver disorders, dementia, ophthalmology, children's health and cancer. We have expertise in the development of diagnostics, drugs and medical devices.

We use a multidisciplinary approach, based in our extensive clinical research facilities and centres of excellence. We have a proven track record for translating research discoveries across biomedical sciences, pharmacy, engineering, computer sciences, social sciences and physics.

Quality assurance

We have expert knowledge in regulatory affairs and quality assurance, device evaluation, intellectual property and grant applications. We develop robust and feasible proposals and are in the top ten NHS Trusts in England for our success rate in obtaining external funding.

We also foster collaborations with our academics and clinical experts to deliver high impact, deliverable research proposals.

Working with industry

We are here to work with you. We offer a number of opportunities to UK and overseas industry, from supporting short-term projects focused on specific solutions, to longer-term strategic collaborations. Contact us for more information.