Clinical research in Multiple Sclerosis

The NUH Neurology team works with the Division of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Nottingham on a research portfolio which is helping to improve understanding and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) locally and across the world.

Our expertise

Our research uses Nottingham's world-renowned expertise in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and focuses on the pathology and immunology of MS.

How our research is funded

We work with a wide range of UK and international organisations including the MS Society, European and USA funders and industry partners across our research portfolio. 

Current areas of research


The DELIVER-MS study seeks to answer the important question: does early treatment with highly effective DMT improve the prognosis for people with MS? This is an area of significant controversy, and no data currently exist to guide treatment choices for patients and clinicians. The study results will help guide overall treatment philosophy and will be applicable not only to a wide range of existing therapies, but also to new therapies. Nottingham is leading the UK arm of this international study.

WiRMS Trial

This trial is evaluating whether a small and harmless number of parasitic worms can lead to an improvement of the severity of MS over a 12 month period.

Take part in a trial

Your clinical team will speak to you about research trials that may be suitable for you. You can also find out information on all of the current research trials taking place online

Our impact

One measure of our success is the research we publish. A list of recent publications can be found here.

Our experts

You can also find information about the individual work of our research experts: