Our Professional Midwifery Advocates

Our Professional Midwifery Advocates (PMAs) offer specific advice, support to our midwifery team. You'll find contact details below, and a full list of their support services. 

Asha Manley - Asha.Manley@nuh.nhs.uk

Jackie Gandy - Jackie.Gandy@nuh.nhs.uk

Marie Timms - Marie.Timms@nuh.nhs.uk

Sophie Pidgeon - Sophie.Pidgeon@nuh.nhs.uk (Maternity Leave)

Louise Robinson - Louise.Robinson@nuh.nhs.uk07812276764

PMA Office number - 0115 924 9924 Ext 85291

Email:  askaPMA@nuh.nhs.uk 

Our aims

To have a positive impact on the wellbeing of staff

To help staff feel valued

To influence a reduction in stress

To influence a reduction in burnout

To improve compassion and job satisfaction

To improve retention of staff

To improve working relations

To improve team dynamics

To improve staff to manage work/life balance more effectively and increase enjoyment and satisfaction at work

Supporting midwives to improve care for women and their families

What do our PMAs offer

  • Clinical restorative supervision
  • Revalidation support
  • Support through investigation
  • Guidance for statement writing
  • Interview preparation support
  • Support after traumatic event
  • Support with return to work after sickness/maternity leave
  • Assistance to develop career pathway
  • A safe space to reflect

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