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Work experience

The Trust offers work experience to residents of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, details of which and how to apply can be seen at Work Experience – CARE4Notts

Please note that all work experience applicants will be required to take a lateral flow test before and during their placement, wear a mask, social distance and wash their hands on a regular basis. We would also encourage you to obtain a full Covid-19 vaccination to protect yourself, our patients and our staff.

‘Not Just for Doctors and Nurses’

Work experience at NUH is an excellent opportunity to see what it is like to work in the NHS, and in an environment that you may not have had experience in before. You will be supervised by experienced staff, with a specialism in the area you are visiting.

Work experience can vary from ‘tasters’ lasting just half a day to small group sessions visiting a number of specialties over a period of time, through to individual programmes over one or two weeks or more. Whilst some work experience placements offer a hands-on experience, others provide insights, observation and work shadowing.

All work experience placements at NUH are arranged and co-ordinated centrally by our Work Experience hub Work Experience – CARE4Notts

All applications received are reviewed and are sent for consideration to the department you are requesting to visit. They may negotiate a placement date. If we are unable to honour your request you will be invited to apply for a different placement.

Please contact sfh-tr.nottsworkexperiencehub@nhs.net  for more information.

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To hear more about work experience, please watch the clip below.


Contact us

If you require further information or details about work experience within NUH then please use the contact details below:

Tel: 01623 848871

Email: sfh-tr.nottsworkexperiencehub@nhs.net

Further contact details;

UK medical students please email ugmededelectives@nuh.nhs.uk. International medical students please email ugmededelectives@nuh.nhs.uk. Post graduate medical education and return to practice please email: transaction@nuh.nhs.uk or suppoRTT@nuh.nhs.uk

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