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Emergency Department

In an emergency

_DSC5373In an emergency you should call 999 for an ambulance to go to your nearest Emergency Department (A&E).

An emergency is a serious injury or life-threatening problem such as loss of consciousness, severe breathing difficulty, heavy bleeding, severe chest pain, suspected broken bones, deep wounds (e.g. stab wounds), swallowing something harmful or poisonous or a drug overdose.

Remember that the Emergency Department and 999 should only be used in emergencies - using them for minor problems puts other people's lives at risk. 

Arriving by ambulance does not give you priority over other patients with similar problems who have come by car or public transport.


What to do

Follow any instructions the ambulance service call handler may give you.

Dont move the patient if:

  • they may have hurt their back or neck, or have any other injury that may be made worse by moving them
  • the person is in shock and needs your constant attention.


How to find us

Our Emergency Department is based at the Queens Medical Centre on Derby Road in Nottingham.

Details information about travelling to our Emergency Department can be found here.


How to contact us

You can call the Emergency Department on 0115 924 9924 and ask for ext 63675.

Contact Details

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
Derby Road

Main switchboard: 0115 924 9924

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