Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week at NUH!

National Apprenticeship Week

A week dedicated to our apprentices at Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH). This 2024 National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2024) focuses on how apprenticeships provides #skillsforlife and at NUH our apprentices gain these in abundance. 

We would like to take this week as a mark to celebrate our apprenticeship highlights and the exciting career journeys our apprentices are embarking on. 

Over the last year, we have been determined in providing more apprenticeships in different areas of our hospital, both clinical and non-clinical! We advertise apprentice vacancies at our hospitals throughout the year, meaning that you could start your apprenticeship at any time of year! To express an interest in a type of apprenticeship, click on our Expression of Interest Form!

Here are just a few snapshots of our success this past year!

274 New Apprenticeship starts in 2022/23  Most Popular Apprenticeship at NUH is Healthcare Assistant Apprenticeship  123 completed apprenticeships in 2022/23

Discover what our apprentices say on doing an apprenticeship at NUH. Watch the video below!

Hear from our Apprentices

Meet Mercy Chimanga, Theatre Support Worker Apprentice Mercy Chimanga Theatres Support Worker Apprentice

Joining Nottingham University Hospitals in 2018, Mercy chose NUH as her employer because she said “I felt established in my home life in Nottingham, and wanted to give back to the community.”

Starting out as an apprentice, Mercy, 40, preferred to go down an apprenticeship pathway rather than go to university she said: “I knew I would be able to finish my studies with no debt and it felt like a very good opportunity as I would be working with an income and learning in a job that I love to do, as I learn more through a hands on approach.”  

To read more about Mercy's Career Journey, click the link; Apprentice Case Studies | NUH


Meet Megan Brown, Pregnancy Mentor Apprentice

Megan Brown, Pregnancy Mentor Apprentice

Megan Brown, Pregnancy Mentor Apprentice at NUH shares how she came to find her apprenticeship in maternity, "I had a massive interest in maternity but couldn’t seem to find a foot in the door, so I looked online and realise there was an apprenticeship route into maternity and it was the first pilot for NUH so I applied."

Megan found the hands-on nature of her apprenticeship rewarding, she said "As someone who is dyslexic, for me sitting in a classroom is harder, but by being hands on in my apprenticeship, I have gained a better understanding of the practical to ensure safe pregnancies for all women”.  

“By doing this apprenticeship, I’ve been able to get a wage I am able to live on and carry on pursuing what I wish”. To express your interest in an apprenticeship like Megan’s, click the following link; Expression of Interest Form for NUH Apprenticeships


Meet Orla O'Kane, HR Adminstration Apprentice             

                                 Orla O'Kane HR Adminstration ApprenticeOrla, 17, who started her role in January 2023, preferred to follow the apprenticeship route rather than go to college, she said “I remembering thinking that I would get more out of an apprenticeship than just a qualification, I would have an income, gain confidence by meeting lots of different people and gain transferrable skills for other careers, which prompted me to apply”.

As a Health Ambassador for Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH), Orla would advise anyone who has the opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship at the NUH NHS Trust to go for it! Orla said “as long as you have your GCSE’s you can apply for any Level 2 and 3 apprenticeship”. To read more abour Orla's career journey, click the link; Apprentice Case Studies | NUH



Meet Daniel Cooper, Administrative Assistant Apprentice Daniel Cooper Administration Assistant Apprentice

Daniel Cooper, Administration Assistant Apprentice has said how his apprenticeship has benefited his work and personal development, “I am already gaining a lot of new skills, and I am gaining confidence and I am very surprised at how well I am doing.”

“NUH are very good at holding your hand through the process, reassuring you, updating you on progress and checking in on you every step of the way. It’s a really, really supportive environment. For anyone who wants an apprenticeship at NUH, you need to go for it! Everyone will go at your own pace, they won’t take it too fast or too slow, if you feel like you can take on more at once, then they are incredibly encouraging.”



Inspired? Start your career as an NUH Apprentice

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Apprenticeships are for everyone!



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