Equality, Diversity and Inclusion documents

You can view our equality and diversity staff support leaflet here: 


You can our find out about our equality and diversity staff support networks here: 

Equality Diversity Scheme 2

Statutory monitoring documents

Recruitment activity reports

These reports provide a summary of the recruitment activity at NUH against the 6 key equality strands between the dates given. Due to the time lag between applications coming into the Trust and new staff starting, the report is deliberately 6 months in arrears to allow all data to be included. 


Analysis of training episodes

Available on request from Learning and Organisational Development.


Equality delivery system

A number of documents are available from NHS England to help NHS organisations to meet the specific duties of the public sector equality duty.

EDS2 Grading 2015


Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)



Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES)



Name Size/Type Description Date
Equality and diversity WDES NUH 2019 54KB DOCX 06 Aug 2019
Equality and Diversity WDES NUH 2020.docx 64KB DOCX 14 Jul 2021
Equality and diversity WDES NUH 2021.docx 78KB DOCX 08 Feb 2022

Equality Reports



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